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Young Guns - You Are Not Chords

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You Are Not Chords

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Young Guns
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I saw that there was no standard tuning version of this, so I roughly mapped out this 
version and tried to get the chords as near to the original as I could. Think this is 
pretty accurate, maybe not 100% but....

Standard Tuning - no capo

Gm                 Bbmaj7
Lonely, lonely, undefined
                      Fmaj7                 C
You say you take your time, I say you hide away
Gm                      Bbmaj7                             Fmaj7
Lonely, lonely, hard to shine when they don't notice you at all
Sink further every day

       Eb      Bb            G5          F
You're only so lonely, and I never had a doubt,
    Eb         Bb                 G5                  F
You don't even know me, still you pass your judgement out
     Eb    Bb                  G5          F
When you belong, you're just a face in the crowd,
            Eb         Bb           G5        F
You're only lonely, so lonely, like everybody else

Gm                     Bbmaj7                   Fmaj7
Lonely, lonely, little fly, you say they pay no mind
I say there's no better way
    Gm                             Bbmaj7
You hang yourself in your own web, drawn and quartered out
    Fmaj7                                 C
The more you hurt, the more you heal, the more you'll figure out


Eb                             D
You are not a diamond, you are not a shining star
   C                                    D              F – build up
It doesn't mean that you're not perfect exactly as you are


              Eb  Bb   G5   F
You are not a dia-mond,
              Eb      Bb   G5  F
You are not a shining star,
                     Eb         Bb      G5
It doesn't mean that you're not perfect
F              Eb    Bb  G5  F
exactly as you are

(one long strum to end)

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