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X Japan - Art Of Life Chords

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Art Of Life Chords

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X Japan
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(0:00 - 1:16)

C7M  B7  (Strum up and down starting at the A string)

Desert Rose
Why do you live alone?
 If you are sad
              C            B7
I'll make you leave this life
Em                       D
  Are you white, blue or bloody red?
C      Am                     D    B7   Em
 All I can see is drowning in cold grey sand

The winds of time
You knock me to the ground
 I'm dying of thirst
I wanna run away
C                           G      C  Bm 
 I don't know how to set me free to live
D        B7                Em   D
 My mind cries out feeling pain
     G               B7
I've been roaming to find myself
    C                        D
How long have I been feeling endless hurt?
        G                  B7
Falling down, rain flows into my heart
       C        A           D
In the pain I'm waiting for you
B7       Em         
Can't go back
No place to go back to
        A             C
Life is lost, Flowers fall
B7          Em
If it's all dreams
Now wake me up
If it's all real
B7         Em
 Just kill me

(4 Beats each)
Em  D  C  B (x2)

(2 Beats each)
C   D  Em <--(4 Beats) (x2)


Em D  Em  Em     

D Em D C D

G5 G5 A5 (x3) D Dsus4 D  G5 G5 A5 (x3) D Dsus4 D C D G5 G5 A5 Em

Verse 1 
               Em             G  
I'm making the wall inside my heart
              D               Em
I don't wanna let my emotions get out
          Em                C
It scares me to look at the world
      D      B          Em           Em  D             
Don't want to find myself lost in your eyes
C           D                G    B
 I tried to drown my past in grey
C          A             D    B 
 I never wanna feel more pain
C           D               G         B    
 Ran away from you without saying any words
C             D             Em 
 What I don't wanna lose is love

(Verse 2) (5:16-5:56)
Through my eyes
     G            Am
Time goes by like tears
   Em           F                G
My emotion's losing the color of life
Kill my heart
  G            Am   
Release all my pain
    Em           F
I'm shouting out louder
               G    E     
Insanity takes hold over me

  Turning away from the wall
  Nothing I can see
The scream deep inside
            C                   Em 
reflecting another person in my heart
He calls me from within
"All existence you see before you

must be wiped out :
G       E         Am 
  Dream, Reality, Memories,
and Yourself"

(Solo) (5:58-6:42) 
E Am C F7
Am B C D
B Em C A 

Am B C D 

B Em C D B

(Verse 3) (6:52-7:31)
           G                 C
I begin to lose control of myself
              D                  G   B
My lust is so blind, destroys my mind
           Em                 C    
Nobody can stop my turning to madness
   D              B            Em          Em  D
No matter how you try to hold me in your heart
C           D                 B    B
 Why do you wanna raise these walls?
C                 A       D      B       
 I don't know the meaning of hatred
C              D                  G        B
 My brain gets blown away hearing words of lies
C       D                 Em 
 I only want to hold your love
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