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Wilco - Fa Far Away Chords

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Fa Far Away Chords

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Hey what’s up Wilco fans, here is another song to add to your repertoire.  
This is a great song of my personal favorite Wilco album.  This whole song is 
played ACOUSTICALLY!  Although I’m sure it can be played electric.  
The solo seemed a little off but I got most of it, I think the last part 
of it is played with 2 strings, but I think it sounds good like this.  
Peace out.  Remember, I am a 15 year old kid and I do make mistakes.

Into: G

G                            Bm
Far, far away from those city lights
Em                  Bm            Bm- Bbm- Am
Might be shinin’ on you tonight
Am                C
Far, far away from you
 G         Em            C      Am
On the dark side of the moon

G      Em     C     G

G                        Bm
I long to hold you in my arms and sway
Em                    Bm       Bm- Bbm- Am
Kiss and ride on the CTA
Am                C
I need to see you tonight
          G             Em        C          Am
And those bright lights
         G          Em         C          Am
Oh, I know its right
G       Em       C       Am
Deep in my heart
      G           Em    C    G
I’ll know its right

If your to lazy to learn the solo, play this over it:
G-Bm-Em-Bm (Bm-Bbm-Am)
Add more if need

E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -------------------9------------------9---9------------------------------------------
A ---2------0--2------9----5----2-----------10----9---2--5---2--1--0--------0---2------
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3---

E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
G -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -----------5---7---9---5---10---7--9-------5---7---9---5---10---9---7----5-

G                                   Bm
By the bed, by the light that you read by
Em                                Bm           Bm- Bbm- Am
By the time that I get home to say goodnight
Am              C
I need to see you again
G        Em           C          Am
On the dark side my friend

G     Em    C    Am

       G       Em     C           G
On the dark side


Hey I just wanted to let you know that another guys tab helped me out
But i just made adjustments and added the solo.  Have fun!
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