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Weeping Tile - Cold Snap Chords

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Cold Snap Chords

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Weeping Tile
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                Cold Snap, by Weeping Tile -- written by Sarah Harmer

intro riff:

  G#      E         G#      E
  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
B---4-4-4-7-4---0-|---4-4-4-7-4---5-|   x2

G#(on 1, 1+ and 2) E(on 3, 3+ and 4)    x4

verse 1

G#               E                  G#   E   G#   E
Someone always leaves that light on
G#                 E                    G#   E   G#   E
I have dreams that little boys burn the house
G#   E         G#         E       G#
Set afire the i-vy in the window pane
E          G#   E
Up from the ground
G#       E
Fire drills unskilled
        G#       E
They're uniformed
     G#          E
Wall paper's warm
     G#          E
Wall paper's warm

B                   A
He's gone up, he's gone up, he's gone up to
 G#     E   G#   E
Lie down
B             A               G#   E   G#   E
I stay and I wait I go quietly
B                     A
And watch the minute hand, how could it be
  G#     E     G#   E
Stolen from you?
Cold snap
A            E

during the chorus, when the G# E progression comes in the lead guitar
plays this

first time:                      second time:
  G#        E                    G#          E
  1    2    3    4               1 +   2   + 3 +   4   +
e--------------------|         E-------------------------|
B-7b9--7b9-----------|  x2     B---7b9-7b9r7-------------|  x2
G-----------7b9--7b9-|         G---------------7b9-7b9r7-|
D--------------------|         D-------------------------|
A--------------------|         A-------------------------|
E--------------------|         E-------------------------|

third time:
  G#        E         G#       E
  1    2    3   4     1    2   3     4
intro riff x2
verse 2

G#          E              G#   E   G#   E
I hope you weren't offended
G#                    E        G#   E   G#   E
What I said about the mausoleum
G#      E          G#     E       G#
And we live rent-free on loyalist land
       E           G#   E
Better crank the heat

Fire drills...

second chorus:

He's gone up, he's gone up, he's gone up to
Lie down
I stay and I wait at the end of the stairs
And watch the minute hand, how could it be
Stolen from you?
Cold snap
Frigid air
verse 3 (I'm not too sure about the lyrics)
G#         E
Watch the minute hand
G#     E
How could it be still
G#     E
Little bird is caught
G#     E
In a deep thought
G#            E        G#
I don't wanna seem unkeen
    E        G#
You seem unkeen (last line x4)
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