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Weeping Tile - Basement Apartment Tabs

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Basement Apartment Tabs

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Weeping Tile

Intro (and basic pattern): C G C G C G D(+) C/ x2

C              G    C              G
Well you live out where the street ends
       C        G            D(+)         C 
In a basement apartment, with one of your friends
     C             G            C              G
The tap drips all night, water torture in the sink
     C          G                     D  D+    C G C G C G D(+) C
The furnace is burning, but it's still cold, I think

C                G                C          G
I can smell the bleach that they use in the hall
        C              G           D(+)  C
But it can't clean the dirt off of me
              C          G    C              G
It's seeping under the door, in across the floor
      C           G       D   D+      C      G   D
It's starting to hurt, every time I breathe
       D+             C    G   D
Every time I try to leave
   D+          C      G  D  D+  C  G  D(+) C
Every time I breathe

The toaster sticks, the empties are piled
I haven't been up the stairs in a while now
I gotta wash the sheets on my bed
I gotta watch those things that go unsaid
God, I wish we could leave it at this...

Every time I breathe
Every time I try to leave
Every time I breathe

C         -             -         -             G  -  -  -
And every evening, you open the door, you come down
         C            -        -      -           G   -  -  -
There's nothing like watching TV all night underground
     C   -     -   -       G  -  -  -
And no one is watching me slide
C     -       G       -     D   -  D+  -
Below street level, barely alive

We live out where the street ends
In a basement aprartment, just like our friends
We always said that we'd be different
But you know now that we weren't
Cause there's hole in all the bottles in my long term...

Every time I breathe
Every time I try to leave
Every time I breathe

All the chords are of the same length, with a dash meaning simply
to continue playing that same chord.  This is how I play the

     C       G       D       D+
e|       |---3---|

and D(+) means to just throw in the + part (ie. first string, third
fret) for a second in the D chord.

Standard disclaimers apply to this (ie. any of a number of parts
may be wrong), and comments, corrections, etc. are welcomed.  Or
just e-mail me if you like the song, or the band, or if you have
music for any bands like Weeping Tile, The Lowest of the Low,
Killjoys, Sloan, Jale, Rheostatics, Eric's Trip, and stuff like
that.  Later.
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