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The Idol Tabs

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The Idol: WASP

This is a great song, the acoustic version is hot and so is the live version on double live assassins. 
The other version on here says stick a capo on the first fret… personally I prefer the tab below. 
This is a great to play in band; I just go off on it. 

Intro Riff:
	Em		              C	              D
Eb |-----3----2/3-3---5p3---7-----5-----3-----2----0--5-----3-----2-|
Bb |---5---5------------------5-------1---1----1--------3-----3-----|
Gb |-4--------------4-----4-----4-----0-----0----0--------2-----2---|
Db |----------------------------------------------------------------|
Ab |----------------------------------------------------------------|
Eb |----------------------------------------------------------------|

Second part of intro:
     Em		    Bm		    C		 D
Eb |-3---------------2--------------3------------5-5-----3-----2----|
Bb |-5---------------3--------------5------------3---3-----3--------|
Gb |-4---------------4--------------5------------2-----2-----2------|
Db |-----2-2-2-2-2-------2-2-2-2-2------2-2-2-2---------------------|
Ab |---2---------------2--------------2-----------------------------|
Eb |----------------------------------------------------------------|
*This part is played on two guitars, guitar one does the fiddly picking pick, while guitar two plays the low part*

Lyrics for second part of intro:

Will I be alone this morning? Will I need my friends?
Something just to ease away the pain
No one ever sees the loneliness behind my face
I am just a prisoner to my fame

Verse 1: *play Em in the open position*
Em				Dsus2
If I could only stand and stare in the mirror would I see
Am	    Dsus2	     Em
One fallen hero with a face like me?
Em				Dsus2
And if I scream, could anybody hear me?
Am		   Dsus2	 		  Em
If I smash the silence you'll see what fame has done to me

Pre chorus:
C5	          D5		  E5
Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I'll never know if loves a lie... oh being…
Crazy in paradise is easy
C5		D5		C5		Am
Do you see the prisoners in my eyes?

Em			D5
Where's the love, to shelter me
C5			D5
Give me love, love sets me free

*Play the above twice.. then*

Set me free


This is what guitar two plays during the solo, guitar one plays a lead using the E minor pentatonic.. so just mess around with it until you find something you like. 

     E	       D 	Am	G	       Em
Eb |-------------------0-0-0-0-----------------0-0-0-0/-|
Bb |-------------------1-1-1-1-----------------0-0-0-0/-|
Gb |-9-9-9-9--7-7-7-7--2-2-2-2-----------------0-0-0-0/-|
Db |-9-9-9-9--7-7-7-7--2-2-2-2------0-----0----2-2-2-2/-|
Ab |-7-7-7-7--5-5-5-5--0-0-0-0----2-----2------2-2-2-2/-|
Eb |-------------------x-x-x-x--3-----2----3-2-0-0-0-0/-|

The rest of the song is basically a repeat of the above.
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