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Jerk My Kirk Chords - Warp 11

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Jerk My Kirk Chords

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                Warp 11 – Jerk My Kirk

D = XX0232
A = X02220
E7 = 020100
G = 320033
Bsus2 = X24422

Intro: (open chords no distortion)

Verse 1: (same as intro)
D        A     E7   
Well, space is cold. It’s so f**kin’ lonely
And though I’m bold. I’m pretty f**kin’ homely
I got a heavy load. It’s f**kin’ overwhelming
And I may explode. This motherf**king ship I’m helming

Chorus 1:
G        Bsus2       A
I had a rough day at work
And my back really hurts
The crew don’t take me seriously they just look at me and smirk
I’ll just go back to my quarters and jerk my Kirk

Verse 2:
D       A       E7
You pass me in the corridors
You never ever notice me lurking
I’m spending all my time alone
Nobody knows how hard I’m working it
I wanna take a voyage home
‘Cause right now I’m going berserk and 
The places where my fantasies roam
Have got my blood burning

Chorus 2:
G     Bsus2          A
I had a rough day at work
And my back really hurts
I’m gonna quit star fleet and be a motherf**kin’ file clerk
Or just go back to my quarters and jerk my Kirk

Verse 3: (distortion on, switch to bar chords and palm mute)
E-------B-------C-------B------- (x2)

E                   B                 C                         B
All by myself in my own private hell my quarters are a dungeon and my mind is a cell
Where I’m locked up tight alone every night losing the battle of a Pon farr fight
And I can’t get control I’m never ever done I can’t let go of my own number one
But I try, God I try! If I could just stop and re-supply 
But I know I’m never gonna stop jerking my Kirk ‘til the day I drop
And I know nothing works I’m always gonna have to jerk my Kirk

::Repeat Chorus 2::

Outro: (repeat through end solo)

D         A        E7
I’m gonna jerk my Kirk! (he’s gonna jerk his Kirk)

End on slow down-strum of Bsus2
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