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Warp 11 - Give It Up For The Captain Chords

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Give It Up For The Captain Chords

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Warp 11
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                Give It Up For The Captain – Warp 11
Boldly Go Down On Me

Intro: (acoustic guitar open chords)

Verse 1: (electric guitar in and repeat intro E---G---)

Well you got questions 
Star Trek or Star Trak?
To boldly go, but what about the trip back?
Who came first - the Gorn or the Sleestack?
Why does a Talosian head look like a butt crack?
I don’t know
Here’s the thing
I’m just the captain 
I’m here to sing
I’m on a mission – I ain’t afraid
I’m just out here in space to get laid
And now I’m rappin’
Was bound to happen
Show me an alien ass
I’ll be tappin’
Balls are slappin’
Your hands are clappin’
Everybody give it up for the captain
Chorus: (x2) (Bar Chords)
E      G
Huh - Give it up for the Captain
Huh - Give it up for the Captain
Huh - Give it up for the Captain
A                   C              B
Come on - Come on - Come on - Come on

Verse 2: (E---G---)

Well yeah, I’m bald, but so is Picard
And just like Janeway 
My dick is always hard
Want more power? I got power
Shoot my seed 
Like an alien a flower
Got my Spock on
Phaser lock on
Cock block shock jock
Mother f**kin rock on
Now I’m rappin’
Don’t give me cr*p man
Everybody give it up for the captain

::repeat Chorus::

Bridge: D---C---G---D---
He's the Captain, you’re his crew 
Oh can you feel him hailing you? 
G                               D
Just follow him and through the galaxy
Oh he will lead 
Can't you see
It's heavenly

Verse 3: (E---G---)

Well I got to scratch 
‘Cause you got the itch
I know you’re not green 
But your still my b**ch
You’ll never hear me say, “Abandon ship”
I’ll boldly take you on a ten inch trip
I’m in deep space 
Looking for a new race
Spread my space seed all over your face
Now I’m rappin’
Your ass I’m mappin’
Everybody give it up for the..
::repeat Chorus::
::Repeat Bridge::
::repeat Chorus::
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