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Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day Chords

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Ordinary Day Chords

(Version #1)
Vanessa Carlton

C/E  - 0102xx
F2   - 1103xx
Gsus4  - 3100x3
Am    - 01220x
F5    - xxx331
C/G   - 0102x3
Fmaj7 - 0123xx
Am7   - 01030x
C     - 01023x
Dm7   - 1120xx
G/D   - 3340xx
G/B   - 33002x
F     - 1123xx
G/7F  - 1000x1
C5    - xx553x

Verses I, II, and III:

C/E        F2          Gsus4             C/E         F2        Gsus4
   Just a day, just an     ordinary day.   Just trying to get by.

C/E       F2         Gsus4                  C/E       F2        Gsus4    
   Just a boy just an     ordinary boy, but  he was looking to   the sky

C/E    F2     Gsus4      Am         C/E      F5     C/G   Gsus4
  As he asked if I would come along I started to realize

C/E          F2         Gsus4         Am
  That everyday he findsjust what he's looking for

C/E       F2          Gsus4
  Like a shooting star he shines and he said..


C/E     Fmaj7     Gsus4
    Take       my      hand

C/E     Fmaj7     Gsus4
    Live     while    you can

C/E       F2      Gsus4       Am     C/E    F2      Gsus4 
 DOn't you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand?

C/E  F5  Gsus4 
C/E  F5  Gsus4

Verse II

C Dm7 C/E Fmaj7 x 4


C      G/D  G/B  C      Dm7  F  C/E
Please come with me see what I see

C     Dm7  G/B   C        G/D  G/B   C
Touch the stars for time will not   flee

      G/D  G7/F C/E   C     G/D  G/B
Time will not   flee can't you  see?

Verse III


C Dm7 C/E Fmaj7 x 3

Just a day just an ordinary day just trying to get by

C/E      F2        Gsus4
 just a boy just an ordinary boy

C/E          F5       C/G     Gsus4      C5
 but he was looking to    the sky

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