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Typhoon - Young Fathers Chords

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Young Fathers Chords

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
Verses are played in this special rhythm:
|G  G |C  C |e|G  G |C|e  C |

G                 C
I was born in September
                    Em               G
and like everything else, I can't remember
                   C             Em                     C
I replace it with scenes from a film that I will never make

G                      C
When I blinked it was over
                   Em            G
I was thinking my life will get slower
                           C             Em
That I will sort this sh*t out when I'm sober
It's even better now that you're older

G                         C
I read the scares on the front page
                       Em            G
It says we're waiting around for an ice age
                           C                Em
It says our comforts they come with a price tag
       C                       G
They killed the cancer but discovered a new plague

*  no guitar (if you play alone, sounds better with guitar or any ideas?)
G                            C
*They said just think of the children
                  Em               G
*and imagine the world that we've willed them
                      C         Em
*It's populated with weirdos to kill them

*and break their hearts
    C                G
And everybody knows
This is the end
                        Em G
It's now a fashionable, oh oh
                    C      Em   C
dinner party conversation

There are several ways to play this part, here is one:
 |D*               |C9*      G       |D*               |C9*|

Now I'm as old as you were when you had me
Should I be afraid? Should I start a family?
I'd raise them in the wild 'cuz up against the city
My love is such a small thing

Interlude (picked):
 | G                               | C                               | e              -

|G  G |C  C |e|G  G |C|e  C |

G                            C
When you're young you're hot
You have your whole life before you
Everyone will adore
                                   C     Em
You'll grow up, you'll be an astronaut
    C                  G
or anything you want.

G                        C
What goes up goes up in flames
and now your choices surround you
and decision confounds you
                                  C  Em
and you're pacing around in place
Shows you everything you're not

*  no guitar (if you play alone, sounds better with guitar)
*And in a brief, little romance
*you've committed a soul without its consent
*Delivered life as a form without its content

                         G                 C
because young people get bo-o-o-ored everyday
                          Em        G           C Em    C
yeah young people, young people get bo-o-o-ored

There are several ways to play this part, here is one:
 |D                |C9*      G9      |D**               |C9*|

Never went to church
thought a song was gonna save me
so I wrote a hymn on the guitar that you gave me
Singing what you spoke I built a fire with the smoke
You know that hope is just a small thing

(picked) (In original there's same melody as before continuing on other chords, 
          but I just play alternating bass-string and rest-strings like he plays in some live versions)
| G | C/G | Em G | C/G F#m7 |

I just called to tell you
I just called to say
Em          G
Learned all your mistakes
C           F#m7
You were my inspiration
And it wasn't all we hoped for
But we shake it off and we say
Em           G
Here's your yellow ribbon
C          F#m7
I am your consolation

| G | C/G | Em G | C/G F#m7 |
| Em | C/G | F#m7 C/G |

I was born in September
and if I die today
Em           G
just know I don't regret you
C             F#m7
some things I can explain (like)
It's a slow descent
It's a lifeless place
F#m7   C
Every god damned day

and I know you know
C                     Em G
no matter where you go
                C F#m7
that I will follow, that I will follow

You are my only hope
C                       F#m7          C
It's not much, but it's all that I know

Here's how it goes

(strum on muted strings, beside first beat of every chord)
* I just called to tell you
* I just called to say
Em            G
* Learned all your mistakes
C                     F#m7
* Passed down through generations            
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