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Trip Shakespeare - Unlucky Lady Chords

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Unlucky Lady Chords

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Trip Shakespeare

UNLUCKY LADY  (followed by note on THE SLACKS)

There are a couple of places where Im not totally sure, but this is

		     Em              A
Verse1:		My looking days were done
		        D            G
		When I fell into her sun
		C                              D
		All the other planets fell in line
		    Em                    A
		At night when she came to bed
		         D             G
		I would hang my happy head
		        Em          A           D
Chorus:		And say oh unlucky lady you are mine
		G           A           Bm
		Oh unlucky lady you are mine
		G           A           D
		Oh unlucky lady you are mine

Verse2:		She gave me green planets and worlds
		To hang around my neck like pearls
		I lay on her bed with fruit and wine
		Perfeectly satisfied
		That I had found the luminous ride

Chorus:		She said Oh I think Im slipping from your mind
		G          A             Bm
		No unlucky lady you are mine
		G           A         D          B
		No unlucky lady you still shine
		G                    A       D
Bridge:		Stars all around my head
		G                    A       D
		Stars all around my head
		G                                     A
		And she thinks shes slipping from the sky

Verse3:		My looking days were done
		We became like the earth and sun
		All the marble planets fell in line
		So tonight as we laid in bed
		With my lips up near her head
		      Em           A           D          B
Chorus:		I said oh unlucky lady you are mine,      oh

Bridge:		Stars all around my head
		Stars all around my head
		G          A               D/C/G/ / /D/C/D
Chorus:		Oh unlucky lady,   you are mine

THE SLACKS (also from Across the Universe)

Very simple - no point in creating a separate file:

Verse and Chorus are all   G / D / A
Except that the final line of the chorus ("...we did a dance..")
is Em / G / A

In the very beginning when its all acoustic, it sounds like the chords
are strummed at the base of the fretboard, and the D is played with
the first finger barring the top four string on the 2nd fret, the 2nd
finger on the B string fret 3, and the 3rd finger on the D string fret
4.  This way, going from D to A involves just releasing fingers 2 and
3 and pulling the strings.  You can hammer on with the two fingers to
go back from A to D, and play with it a little to make each of the
lines at the beginning of the song slightly different

   "D"		     "A"
E|----2            ----0-|
B|----3            ----2-|
G|----2            ----2-|
D|----4            ----2-|
A|----    x        ----x-|
E|----    x        ----x-|

At the end of the chorus when they do Em/G/A, on the low E string play
the notes E--F--G when going from Em to G.
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