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Tripod - Suicide Bomber Chords

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Suicide Bomber Chords

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Capo on 1st

They used dogs on me
They used blindfolds
        Bb                  F
They embarrassed me in the nude
            F                 C
They gave shocks to me with electrodes
         Bb             F
They deprived me of my food

       Bb                   F
They paraded me round the prison
  Bb                 A
Chained up to other men
And with every task,
      F            Dm
One question they asked
Bb                C
Over and over and over again, they said...

Bb                       C
"Aren't you the suicide bomber
     Bb          F        C
Who blew up the bus last year?"
        Bb               C
I say, "No," they say, "Yes,"
                F                 Dm
I say, "You're not thinking it through,"
          Bb                           C             C7
But they went off and thought up some new things to doooooo

So they soaked me with cold water
And they left me there overnight
They put outlandish costumes upon me
And took photographs of my plight

They accused me of brutal behaviour
Whilst they kicked me in the balls
And with every task,
One question they asked
Echoing off of the cold prison walls, they said...

"Aren't you the suicide bomber
Who blew up the bus last year?"
I said, "No," they punched me,
I said, "Think logically,"
And they said, "You think logically!"
And I said, "What?"

(Interlude: F, C, Bb, F. F, C, Bb, F.)

 Bb            F
Psychological torture
      Bb                        A
Has cleared things right up for me
There's one thing I know,
       F         Dm
When they let me go,
  Bb                         C
I will be the man that they want me to be

     Bb                   C
Yes, I'll be the suicide bomber
      Bb        F       C
I'll blow up a bus one day
    Bb          C
And so will my son
         F         Dm
And his son after that
     Bb             C
And then some poor new guy
      F           Dm
Will sit where I sat
     Bb         C              F         Dm
And he will be forced to wear poo for a hat
    F          C       F
And so on and so ever forth,
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