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The King Blues - Out Of Luck Chords

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Out Of Luck Chords

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The King Blues
tuning: standard- no capo.
hey the actual recording of the song is played on ukelele so I thought I'd submit my 
of the chords which can make it sound more suited to acoustic guitar. I think it sound 
good =)!!!!

G5   =3x0033
G    =320033
Em7  =022022
C    =x3201x
D    =xx0232
dsus =xx0233 (<--optional)

       G5        G         G5/F#     Em7
with a red scrunchie for a birthday gift
    C                      D         Dsus4
she pulls her hair into a croydon face-lift
G5           G    G5/F#    Em7
punch drunk love at sweet sixteen
     C                D     Dsus4
she thumbs a ride to Gretna Green
        G5        G      G5/F#      Em7
leaving something old for somewhere new
          C                  D       Dsus4
to be with some one battered black & blue
G5       G                 G5/F#   Em7
turns her light out with a song to sing
        C                   D     Dsus4
grabs her shoulder bag & her Argos ring
& she said

G5               G5/F# Em7
without a penny            in my pocket
   C              D
I'm outta luckin this kind of town
G5            G5/F# Em7
but I got you           right by my side
so I won't let them
D                                 G5 G5/F# Em7
 no I won't let them drag me down----
C                   D                                G5 
so I won't let them no i won't let them drag me down----


he turned from Jack the lad into Jack the dad
his heart was pure but his town was mad he had a
broken heart from a broken home
she heard his breaking voice thru a broken phone
he said for you I'd walk a Swedish mile
for a Glasgow kiss & a Chelsea smile
so he drove 'til it was morning light
the birds will sing him to sleep tonight
& he said (go to chorus)

*note about the chorus:
since all the chords are really easy to change from one to another, it was quite hard to 
how i play them. this is an interpretation but it sounds really good for all of us who 
play uke.s! l.o.l.

G5      G5/F#   Em7
| | |    |      | | | |
C        D
| | | |  | | | |

second part of the chorus:

| | | |
G5 G5/F# Em7
|   |     | |
| | | |
| | | |
G5 G5/F# Em7
|   |     | |
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