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Tenacious D - Sex Supreme Ukulele

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Sex Supreme Ukulele

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Tenacious D
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       Em						Section I
       How's it goin?
       C                        A
       That's the first thing I say to you
             G                B      
        How's it goin? Are you flowing?
        Listen honey:
         C                                A  
        Thinkin' 'bout a couple things to say to you
        G               B
        Showin', growin'
        Em                              C                  A 
        Man, I'd like to place my hand upon your f**kin' sexy ass and squeeze
           G              B   
        And squeeeeeeeeeeeze
         Em             C      
        Take off your blouse and your underpants
        A            G
        Then take a look
         B                 E5 			Section II
        'Cause here me and KG come naked
         C5        A5    G5
        Out of the side hatch
         E5               C5           A5  G5
        With the oils and perfume, and incense
         E5                  C5       A5    G5            E5 E6 (see below)Section III
        Now you're groovin', put on a cool seventies groove
        A5           A6        A5  A6(bend)   E5 E6 E5 E6(bend)
        A funky groove to f**k to
        A5           A6        A5  A6(bend) 
        A funky groove to f**ks you

(Note: This part doesn't contain actual chords, just hammer-ons and bends, see bottom again)
       Astring                                                         Dstring  Section IV
       You guessed it -- me, me and KG -- it's all about sex supreme
        We likes to cream jeans
        Have you ever been worked on
        Dstring                         (bend)                          Astring
        By two guys who are hot for your snatch?
                                                   Dstring     (bend)
        That's what I'm offering you
        You step into our room
        Dstring                                 (bend)
        And then you smell the perfumes
        You lay upon our roundish bed
        Dstring                             (bend)
        And then you feel... a tickling on your head
        It's KG with a feather, the French tickler
        Dstring                           (bend)
        Look out, baby -- he got the tools!
        And then you feel something down by your feet
        Dstring                             (bend)
        It's me -- it's JB -- I'm sucking on your toes
        E5(II)                                      D(hammer-on and pull-off)   Section V
        We don't mind sucking on toes
        E5(II)                                      D(hammer-on and pull-off)
        Good luck finding a boyfriend who sucks toes
        C5(II)                   B5			Section VI
        Having sex with me and K.G.
          C5(II)                     B5             D(hammer-ons and pull-offs)  C    G    (x2)  Section VII
        Now you're talking double team... SUPREME!!

        F5     G5     A#5/Bb5      C5(III)      D5      E5(III)    F5(II)    A(barre chord)	Section VIII

Here are all of those parts that i mentioned before.  I tabbed them the way that i play them and it sounds good so try it. 
 It isn't far from how the d play it.  My friends and i play this song evertime we get together as a tradition, since its the only 
one they know all the words to we usually end up doing it 6 or 7 times throughout the night.  If you want me to figure out 
any other songs let me know cause i'm fairly good at it.

CHORDS:In Order of Appearance
strings:  (6    5    4    3    2    1)
Em         7    7    9    9    8    7  Section I
C          8    10  10    9    8    8
A          5    7    7    6    5    5
G          3    5    5    4    3    3
B          7    9    9    8    7    7
E5         0    2    2    x    x    x   Section II
C5         8    10  10    x    x    x
A5         5    7    7    x    x    x
G5         3    5    5    x    x    x
Section III:  This is a basic blues riff with a hammer on and then a bend on the E6 and the A6. 
 » means hammer-on and ˆ means bend.
A--2--2--2»4--2--4ˆ(½ step)-------0---0--0--------0---0----------------------------

Section IV:  This part is tabbed the way i play it because the rythm is inconsistent if you listen to the song and that makes it hard to play
 the riff and sing the song at the same time.  Pay attention to the number of times each note is played, it will help with the rhythm. 
The hammer ons are short and staccato, and the bend is strummed several times while still bending.   » means hammer-on and ˆ is bend.
D------------------5»7(x2)---7ˆ(½step)--(Play x3 while bent)---------------------------------

Section V through Section VIII:  This part is pretty basic chords just a fast rhythm that might be tough to master.
strings:  (6    5    4    3     2     1)    
E5(II)     x    7    9     9    x     x		Section V
D          x    0    0     2    3     2(0)  Hammer on and pull off from 2 to 0pen
C5(II)     x    3    5     5    x     x     	Section VI
B5         x    2    4     4    x     x
D           s       a      m     e		Section VII
C          0    3    2     0    1     0    
G          3    2    0     0    0     3
F5         1    3    3     x    x     x		Section VIII
G5         3    5    5     x    x     x
A#5        6    8    8     x    x     x
C5(III)    8   10  10      x    x     x
D5        10   10  12      x    x     x
E5(III)   12   12  14      x    x     x
F5(II)    13   13  15      x    x     x
A(II)     5    7    7      6    5     5

Booyahhh!!!! Well that is all the effort i feel like putting into this damn thing.  I am tired of it, it is a great song and all but you know.  
I have played this at College talent shows and at parties and people love this, so if you need a song this is the one. 
I know some chords to other Tenacious D songs but not many, if you want me to try and figure them out, let me know. 
I am experienced in guitar, although i am only 18, and i mostly get into a lot of blues and old school rock, like hendrix, zep, neil young, 
suggestions, errors or anything else you do or don't want to b**ch about.  Laters for now, much repect to 
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        Sex Supreme lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Sex Supreme lessons
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