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Tenacious D - Deth Starr Ukulele

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Deth Starr Ukulele

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Tenacious D
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                NOTE: These aren't the official lyrics, this is just how I transcribed them. If you
could help in the comments on the ones I just didn't get (I labeled them), that would be of
great help.

A song of the NEW Tenacious D record, Rize of the Fenix, currently streaming at this
very moment at rizeofthefenix.com! However, I whole-heartedly suggest out of the goodness
of my heart that you buy this record when it is unleashed on May 15th, so you can 
support some REAL rock, and the 2 gods who rock your face until you have to drink through an IV,
Jables and Kage. D for life!

While most of the chords of this song are power chords, the intro/outro chords are very
jazzy. I'm not sure about the exact structure, but here's my best guess based on my ears:

       E A D G B E
Emaj7: x-x-2-4-4-4--|
Gmaj7: x-10-9-7-7-7-|
Dmaj7: x-x-0-2-2-2--|
Cmaj7: x-3-2-0-0-0--|
Fmaj7: x-x-3-2-1-0--|
B7:    x-2-1-2-0-2--|

Intro: Emaj7 Gmaj7 (x2)

The world is f**king turning to sh*t
The earth don't stand a chance
Emaj7                               Gmaj7
Hurricane, typhoon will destroy the city

We got to clean up the skies and recycle
We got to stop the overpopulation
Fmaj7                                B7
But most important of all, we got to build a deth starr

Deth starr, it's a f**kin' ship
It's a son of a b**ch, yall, and we're building it
           B5           A5
It's gonna take us up into the sky
We don't need the earth,

we're gonna f**kin' fly sky high!
B5                  A5
Deth starr, it's a son of a b**ch yall,
B5                 A5
Gonna take us into OUTER SPACE
B5               A5
Get your sh*t together, mother f**ker,
F#5                                        B5   G5 A5
we're gonna start a new human race in the sky

    G5               A5             B5
You know we will be rockin on the deth starr
G5       A5              F#5
Totally clipped to the sky

E5         B5       D5    A5
Everybody goin' insane
E5          B5     D5     A5
Futuristic video games
E5         B5           D5    A5
Everybody have a good time
E5            B5        D5    A5
Synthesizing water to wine
But how?


B5 A5
I hired a nerd!
B5         A5
I f**kin' paid a nerd
      B5             A5
It is absurd, but I paid him to build it
'cause I don't know how to build that sh*t, that's right!

B5         A5
There's a vacuum in space
B5            A5
Will f**kin' suck your face
B5                         A5
Day or night, ya gots 'ta make it air tight
You gotta build that sh*t, make it out of sight

The f**kin DETH STARR
    G5               A5             B5
You know we will be rockin on the DETH STARR
      G5           A5                B5
There will be delocratic(?) on the DETH STARR
      G5               A5            F#5
There will be lots of bonin' on the STARR

E5 B5 D5 A5 (x2)

E5              B5           D5       A5
Havin' lots of sex with my friends
E5           B5        D5   A5
Never gonna le le in lends(I can't figure this line out)
E5             B5       D5   A5
More people on virtual plain(this one either)
E5                   B5       D5  A5
f**kin' 'till we're f**kin' insane

A5 D5 A5 E5 B5
E5 B5 E5 B5
F#5 C#5
F#5 C#5
F#5 C#5 (x4)

B5            A5
We've got to build more starrs
B5            A5
We've got to spread out far
B5                         A5
Seven strong, we gots 'ta bang the gong,
but baby, hold up now, there's something wrong

B5                A5
That's a f**kin' SQUID!
B5       A5
An evil alien squid
B5                       A5
Join up ships, we gotta let it rips
We gotta blow that b**ch to ANOTHER DIMENSION!

      G5             A5              B5
We've gotta build a hundred of em, DETH STARR!
    G5                A5           B5
We spread across the galaxy, the DETH STARR!
    G5               A5             F#5
You know we will be rockin on the STARR

      G5             A5               B5
We've gotta build a million of 'em, DETH STARR!
      G5                 A5           B5
We'll spread across the galaxy, the DETH STARR
    G5              A5
We must divide and conquer on the

F#5 (8 bars)
B5    B5

Emaj7 Gmaj7 (x2)

So we searched the galaxy
For other forms of life
Emaj7                                 Gmaj7
We got to drink their nutrients to sustain high quality of life

So we scoop up the creatures then we
Put them in a geodesic dome
But the question arises, my friend,
What have we become?
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