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Sublime - No Woman No Cry Chords

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No Woman No Cry Chords

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*I wrote the chords in this format for convenience,
  each "block" of words is one riff's worth, and for
  the chorus, each line is a riffs worth.
*All lyrics in [] where unclear and that is the best 
  I could come up.

Riff A:	(clean)			     Riff B: (distortion)
   C     G/B Am  F		       C5   G5   A5   F5 E5 D5 
e|---0-0---3-0-0-------------------| |------------------------|
B|---1-1---0-1-1-------------------| |------------------------|
G|---0-0---0-2-2-------------------| |-5--------------10-9--7-|
D|---2-2---0-2-2-0h2h3-3-3-2-0h2p0-| |-5----5----7----10-9--7-|
A|-3-3-3-----0-0-------------------| |-3----5----7----8--7--5-|
E|-------3-------------------------| |------3----5------------|

Intro: (Riff A) 2x

Chorus: (Riff A)
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry

Verse 1: (Riff A)
Say, remembewr all the things [a while] back when
   we used to sit and talk about the girls that

We had in the basement down at my house,
   Grandma upstairs, but you know we didn't ever care

Over over signing the hits that we would play,
   lets become big is what what we would pray

And they're deeling with the good friends we lost
   and they where [yellow crossed],

So now there pain will last all day ay ay ay ay,
   but that's alright cause listen up and I am gonna say

In this bright future you can't forget
   your past cause it won't last, yeah,

So dry your tears and now I say
   to all the men that had to lead the way

Chorus: (Riff B)
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry

Verse 2: (Riff A)
Hold up, hold up, said I remember when we used to rock,
   there better be jumpin' the bigger the wave we caught

In the basement down in my house, gotta make a pay
   to keep on top the list of who got laid

And then cake-boy would strive tomake
   the band alive, and he could do it too

Jumpin' and rock the mic so we could burn our
   groove the night comin' up on the one,
   now get it set to get the job done

And then we would look who took the fight
   up with the courageous left hook

I call upon a friend so we could get our due,
   me and the kid would be layin' the phattest
   track you ever knew

Up up up up and away secret dreams are the wind
   and sellin' out today,

And I don't give a damn about the music biz,
   I'm just writin' my songs and what I'm tellin' you is

Chorus: (Riff A)
Everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright
Marijuana in the house tonight, everything gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright
We come alive in the house tonight, everything's gonna be alright

No woman no cry, no woman, no cry
No woman no cry
No woman no cry
No woman no cry

Verse 3: (Riff A)
Let me sing about that babe, if you got no woman,
   than you got no cry, then said my heart is gonna
   tell me to wave bye-bye, and if

I have never wanted a woman, I wouldn't be havin'
   one of the [people] and if I had it again
   I would tell you what I please and

I take a [round] and I take, [I'm gone], and I'm thinkin'
   it was us and we got now the [bone] and if I

Got the one that don't love me, a wonderful woman
   with the [bad], you don't get nothing for free, yeah

Chorus: (Riff B)
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry, yeah
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