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Steinar Albrigtsen - The Beginning Of The End Chords

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The Beginning Of The End Chords

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Steinar Albrigtsen
Steinar Albrigtsen - The Beginning Of The End
Bound to Wander (1992)

Capo II


   Dsus2      C         G             D

Dsus2         C
Back to back again
G             D
Lyin' in our bed
Dsus2             C
And I can't go to sleep
G                                D 
Bm                      E
I've been through this before
G                       A
And now it's happening again
D          C            G
Through my tears I can see
D       A              D
The beginning of the end

Going through the motions
Is all that we do now
And the rare times that we kiss
There's just no feeling there somehow
We used to be lovers
But I'm not sure now if we're even friends
It looks like we've reached
The beginning of the end

G               C           D
It's such a bad feeling to know
A            C
That I can't stop this
A           C
I lay here helpless
G                 Em            Asus A
'Cause you don't know where to begin
D      C               G
And I know I'm looking at
D        A         Bm
The beginning of the end
Em      A             D      G  D
The beginning of the end

Chords used:            No capo? Play:
Dsus2 - xx0230           Esus2 - xx2452
D     - xx0232           E     - 022100
C     - x32010           D     - xx0232
G     - 320033           A     - x02220
Bm    - x24432           C#m   - x46654
E     - 022100           F#    - 244322
A     - x02220           B     - x24442
Em    - 022000           F#m   - 244222
Asus  - x02230           Bsus  - x24452

Intro without capo

  Esus2     Dsus2    A            D
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