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All I Wanna Do Tabs
Version #1
Sheryl Crow

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{title: All I Wanna Do}
{subtitle: Cooper/Crow/Bottrell/Baerwald/Gilbert}
# Syntax of "define" instructions is:
#   define: chord_name base-fret high-E-str B-str G-str D-str A-str low-E-str

# Chord definitions
{define A  base-fret 5 frets 1 3 3 2 1 1}
{define Bb base-fret 6 frets 1 3 3 2 1 1}
{define C  base-fret 3 frets x 1 3 3 3 1}
{define D  base-fret 3 frets x 1 3 3 3 1}
{define E  base-fret 3 frets x 1 3 3 3 1}

Hit it...[Bb] [A] This ain't no disco
[Bb]and it ain't no [A]country club
[Bb] [A]this L.A.

[E]"All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die" says the
[C]man next to me [D]out of nowhere
[E]Apropos of nothing, he says his name's William but I'm sure he's
[C]Billy, Mac or [D]Buddy
he's [E]plain ugly to me, and I
[C]wonder if he's ever had a [D]day of fun in his life
[E]We are drinking beer at noon on a Tuesday
[C]in a bar that faces a giant [D]car wash
[E]The good people of the world are washing their cars
[C]on their lunch break, [D]as best as they can in skirts and suits

[Bb] [A]They drive their shiny Datsuns and Buicks
[Bb] [A]back to the phone company and the record store
[Bb] [A]Well they're nothing like Bily and me,

cause all I wanna [E]do is have some fun,
I've got a [C]feeling that I'm not the [D]only one,
all I wanna [E]do is have some fun,
I've got a [C]feeling that I'm not the [D]only one
all I wanna [E]do is have some fun,
until the [C]sun comes up over [D] Santa Monica boule[E]vard
[C] [D]

[E]I like a good beer buzz early in the morning
[C]and Billy likes to peel the labels from his [D]bottle of Bud
[E]and shred them on the bar, then he lights every match in an oversized pack
[C]letting each one [D]burn down to his
[E]thick fingers before blowing and cursing them out
[C] [D]

[Bb] [A]and he's watching the Buds as they spin on the floor,
[Bb] [A]a happy couple enters the bar dangerously close,
[Bb] [A]the bartender looks up from his want ads


[Bb] [A]otherwise the bar is ours
[Bb] [A]the day and thee night and the car wash too
[Bb] [A]the matches and the Buds and the clean and dirty cars
[Bb] [A]the sun and the moon


{comment:continue chorus, sometimes replace -Ive got a feeling Im not the only one-}
{comment:with -I want to tell you the party has just begun-}
{comment:then fade-slowdown on the E-C-D pattern, and end on Bb A}
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