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Shel Silverstein - Quaaludes Again Chords

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Quaaludes Again Chords

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Shel Silverstein
She falls through the doorway
           G         D
Rolls down the hall
She bounces off the sofa
          E7       A
And right into the wall
     E                    G
It's easy to see as she buckles and bends
A                     D
She's doin' quaaludes again
Quaaludes again
Quaaludes again
If you've got aurora

You know for shorra
A          A7
She's your friend
A                     D
She's doin' quaaludes again

She fumbles and stumbles
    G              D
And falls down the stairs
      D                      E7          A
Makes love to the leg of the dining room chair
      E                  G
She's ready for animals, women or men
A                     D
She's doin' quaaludes again
A         D
Quaaludes again


A         D
Quaaludes again
If you've got a lemon, a dog and three women
     E7    A7     A
Then she's your friend
A                     D
She's doing quaaludes again
A         D
Quaaludes again

{Dialogue between man and woman with riff in the background:}
He: Baby, you've been doing quaaludes again. Well, then who?

She: No. Not me. I don't have any quaaludes

He: You don't have 'em cause you took em all already

She: No

He: You had six

She: Nooo...

He: You had six yesterday, right? In your purse?

She: No...

He: How many you got now? Where'd they go?

She: No. I don't have any

He: That's what I mean

She: No...

He: Where'd they go? What'd you take?

She: I didn't take anything. I just had a small... a small headache

He: So what did you take? What did you take for a headache?

She: No... Maybe an aspirin

He: That's the biggest damned aspirin I've ever seen! You did... You keep... Don't keep
pullin at me! Don't do that! Don't do that! c'mon... you're bumpin' into the furniture

She: It hurts!

He: What?! I didn't move ANYTHING around!

She: [moaning]

He: You had FIVE quaaludes in your purse yesterday. You have none today!

She: I gave them away

He: You gave away what? You gave everything away!

She: I gave it to all my friends

He: Yeah. How much time did you see your friends?

She: Well...

He: You were supposed to see them for five minutes?

She: Well... Don't you know how it is?

He: I DON'T know how it is

She: Nooo...

He: I know you're doin 'ludes, and you said... you said that the next time you get them
I should take them away and flush them down the toilet

She: Noooo...

He: Didn't you say that?

She: NO....noooooo...

He: DON'T keep pullin' me to the damn bed! I don't want an old... I'm tellin you... You
are turnin' me OFF!

[fading away]
He: Now let me tell you... Will you keep your eyes open! Get up!            
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