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Sarah Mclachlan - Adia Chords

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Adia Chords

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Sarah Mclachlan
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                Make sure you tune down 1/2 step to E flat standard if you want to play along with the song

This Tab is the chords heard on the song, Bar chords and such.
You can play along with the song and it will sound perfect.

(note: chords are written from the point of view of a standard tuned guitar)

    E (fill 1)                   CHORDS->      Abdim  (var)    B/D#   Adim
Eb--0----0--0-0-0--0--0--0-----]            []---1--------[]------- ---2---|
Bb--0----0--0-0-4--2--0--2-----]            []---0-----6--[]---(4)- ---1---|
Gb--1----1---------------------]            []---1-----4--[]----4-- ---2---|
Db--2--------------------------]            []---0-----6--[]----4-- ---1---|
Ab--2--------------------------]            []---------5--[]----6-- -------|
Eb--0--------------------------]            []------------[]------- -------|

   C#m       A (var)      Abm  Abm(SUS)  Ab5       Ab(sus)          B   D   F#m  F#5   F#

[]--4--  []--0---5--   []--4------4----------   []-----4------- []--2---2----2---------2---|
[]--5--  []--2---5--   []--4------4----------   []-----4------- []--4---3----2---------2---|
[]--6--  []--2---6--   []--4------4----------   []-----5------- []--4---2----2---------3---|
[]--6--  []--2---7--   []--6------6-------6--   []-----6------- []--4---0----4----4----4---|
[]--4--  []--0---7--   []--6-----(6)------6--   []----(6)------ []--2--------4----4----4---|
[]-----  []------5--   []--4--------------4--   []------------- []-(2)-------2----2----2---|


C#m       A            E (fill 1)
   Adia I do believe I failed you

C#m      A                  Abm    
  Adia I know I've let you down

E                 A
Don't you know I tried so hard

   Abm(sus) Ab(sus) C#m
To love you in my way

    F#5              E       B/D#
It's easy let it go........

C#m         A              E (fill 1)
  Adia I'm empty since you left me

C#m                 A           Abm
  Trying to find a way to carry on

   E                   A
I searched myself and everyone

   Abm                 B
To see where we went wrong

       F#m                B
There's no one left to finger

        E             A
There's no here to blame

       F#m             B
There's no one left to talk to honey

          E              D             A       
And there aint no one to buy our innocence


      B/D#     E       Abdim
Cause we are born innocent

Believe me Adia

         F#m       B     Abm
We are still innocent

     Abdim            F#m
It's easy, we all falter

Does it matter

C#m       A                     E (fill 1)
   Adia I thought that we could make it

C#m               A                 Abm
  I know I can't change the way you feel

E                 A
Leave you with your misery

  Ab5                  B
A friend who won't betray

F#m                  B
Pull you from your tower

E                   A 
I'd take away the pain

F#m               B
Show you all the beauty you'd possess

E              D              A         
If you'd only let yourself believe 


chord bridge/breakdown thing = F#5    E    B/D#    C#m   F#   B  Adim(or B/Eb) 


Believe me Adia
       Abm            A       F#m    
We are still innocent     

        F#       B         Abm    (END of song) 
Does it matter.............
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        Adia lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Adia lessons
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