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Robert Pattinson - Never Think Chords

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Never Think Chords

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Robert Pattinson
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                Okay, this is my first tab. This is a beautiful song with inspiring lyrics and a 
gorgeous guitar part. This is just the chords but he does pick a lot and if you're 
however, if you're like me, I can't stand having to read chords. This song makes 
no musical sense, has no particular rhythm, and his singing is more like mumbles, 
but either way, this is one of my favorite pieces. This song was co-written, and 
both versions are amazing. Sam Bradley was the other lyricist and I suggest 
listening to his, "Too Far Gone" as well, but anyway, here's the chords!
D  (3 measures)

The following are 1 measure a piece.

G6   D    G6   D    G6   D

D/G  D/E  D    D5   G2   G(add2)

G2   G(add2)   G2   Gmaj7   D

D    D/C#      Bm7  D/C#    G2

A    Bm7    

A                 D
    Should never think

D/E                 D/F#   Bm7
    What's in your heart

A/C#              Gmaj9          
    What's in our home

A        Bm7      A
    So I won't

    You'll learn to hate me

Bm7           A/C#
    But still call me baby
       Gmaj7   A
    Oh love,   

    So call me by my name

A    D      A/C#
    And save your soul

Bm7     A/C# 
    Save your soul

                 Gmaj7          A
    'Fore you're too far gone

          Bm7             A
    'Fore nothing can be done

D                 A/C#
    Try to decide when

    She'll lie on you in the end

    Ain't got no fight in me in this whole damn world

    Tell you, hold off

A                 Bm7
    You choose to hold on

A                                Gmaj7
    It's the one thing that I've known

    Once I put my coat on

Bmaj7          A               Gmaj7
    Coming out in all this wrong

    She's standing outside holding me

           Bm7               A
    Saying oh please I'm in love

Gmaj7          A
    I'm in love

D/A   D            A/C#
    Girl save your soul

       Bm7         A/C#
    Go on, save your soul

           Gmaj7                A
    Before you're too far gone

        Bm7                   A  Gmaj7
    And before nothing can be done

               A                Bm7       A
    Cause without me you got it all So hold on

                         Gmaj7      A
    Without me you got it all   Hold on

                              Bm7         A
    Without me you got me you got it all

                      Gmaj7           A
    Without me you got it all  So hold on

                       Bm7           A
    Without me you got it all So hold on

               Gmaj7            A   D
    Without me you got it all so hold on
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