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Righteous Brothers - Go Ahead And Cry Chords

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Go Ahead And Cry Chords

(ver. 1)
Righteous Brothers
 F        Gm7      F     Gm7 Gb   A Dm   Em7
(Love can change a young boy into a man..but a 
 Em     A     G   Gm7    C Gm7 Cm   Bb
 broken heart can change a man back into a 
 Gm7 Db F     Gb
 boy a--gain.)

F              Gm7          C
You're not the first man to cry, when things 
have gone wrong.
C           Gm7                Bb F
You're only human, you're only so strong.

 C        Dm                          F
(It takes one) little tear to knock a big man down.
          Dm                            F
(It takes one) broken heart to keep him down on 

the ground.
         Gm7                    Am              Bb
It takes three little words, to make him stand again.
(Stand up again.)
           F       Bb              F       Bb
So, go and cry-y-y-y, go ahead and cry-y-y-y, go 
          Db  Eb  Ab  F
ahead and cryyyyyyyy..cry.

           Gm7     C            F
Love is so easy to play, but so hard to win.
                   Gm7                        Bb
You're still but a young man, your heart will love 

 C        Dm                              F
(It takes one) little kiss from her sweet tender lips.
          Dm                              F
(It takes one) gentle touch from her soft fingertips.
         Gm7                Am               Bb
It takes more than one tear to mend a broken heart.
(A broken heart.)

   F  C   Bb  C            F   C  Bb           Db   Eb
Go cry-y-y-y, go ahead and cry-y-y-y..go ahead and cryyyyyy.
F                                      F    C    Bb
Cry..(go ahead, go ahead, go ahead and cry-y-y-y-y.)
                                          F   C    Bb
I want you to get down on your knees and (cryyyyyyyyy) 
                      F   C   Bb
kneel down, baby, and cryyyyyyy.
Bb                                      F    C   Bb
When you're feelin' blue I want you to (cryyyyyyyyy) don't be 
Bb          F   C    Bb
ashamed to (cryyyyyyyyy)..(Fade.)            
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