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Renaissance - Carpet Of The Sun Tabs

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Carpet Of The Sun Tabs

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                Special thanks to: Ofir Zwebner (author of original transcription) for the

For recorded key capo on 1

Asus4 X02230
Fmaj7 XX3210

Asus4    Fmaj7
0-----      0-----
---3--      --1---
--2---      ---2--
--2---      ----3-
0-----      X-----
X-----      X-----

All other chords in their standard positions.

intro       A / Asus4 / A / Asus4
            A / D / A / D

1st verse:            
           A                  Asus4
            Come along with me
           A                       Asus4
            Down into the world of seeing
           A                   Asus4
            Come and you'll be free
           A                 Asus4   
            Take the time to find the feeling
           C               G 
            See everything on it's own
           Am                   Fmaj7
            And you'll find you know the way
           C                    G
            And you'll know the things you're shown
           Am              Fmaj7      A / D / A / D
            Owe everything to the day

            A               D
            See the carpet of the sun
           A                D 
            The green grass soft and sweet
            A              D
            Sands upon the shores of time
           A           D
            Of ocean mountain deep
            Fmaj7       D              A
            Part of the world that you live in
            Fmaj7       E                A / D / A / D              
            You are the part that you're giving

2nd Verse: (Same chords)
            Come into the day
            Feel the sunshine warmth around you
            Sounds from far away
            Music of the love that found you
            The seed that you plant today
            Tomorrow will be a tree
            And living goes on this way
            It's all part of you and me

Chorus: (Repeat the same chords, and then:) 
            G / C / D / D / A / A
            C (long - pause)

Chorus: (Repeat the same chords, and then:)
            A             D         A / D
            See the carpet of the sun            
            A             D         A / D
            See the carpet of the sun            
            A             D         A / D
            See the carpet of the sun            
            A             D         Fmaj7 / Fmaj7 / D / D / A  (end)     
            See the carpet of the sun            

On the lyric sheet that comes with the record, there is also this verse,
is not sung, but you may try it as well:

            Come along and try
            Looking into ways of giving
            Maybe we will fly
            Find a dream that we will live in
            We'll look into the eyes of time
            Past ages have turned to dust
            And born somewhere on the line
            The loving that grows with us
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