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Real Estate - Kinder Blumen Tabs

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Kinder Blumen Tabs

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Real Estate
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This is a two guitar instrumental song.  The chords are laid out for the rhythm guitar 
and the corresponding lead guitar is tabbed out underneath the chords.

Real Estate - Kinder Blumen

part A:

      C       Fmaj7    C       Fmaj7    G7      Fmaj7    G7      Fmaj7
E  0-|0-3-5-7-5-----0-|0-3-5-7-3-----5-|5-3-0---------5-|5-3-0---------0-|
B  --|----------------|----------------|------3-3s5-----|------3-3s5-----|
G  --|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D  --|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
A  --|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E  --|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

part B (0:55):

      Em      Fmaj7    Dm          Fmaj7  C       Fmaj7    Dm      Fmaj7
E  --|---10---12------|12-10-----------0-|0-3-5-7-5-----0-|0-3-5-7-3-------|
B 10-|12--------------|------12-10-8-----|----------------|-------------10-|
G  --|----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
D  --|----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
A  --|----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
E  --|----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|

     Em      Fmaj7    Dm          Fmaj7  C       Fmaj7    Dm      Fmaj7
E   |---10---12--s15-|12-10-----------0-|0-3-5-7-5-----0-|0-3-5-7-3-------|
B   |12--------------|------12-10-8-----|----------------|----------------|
G   |----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
D   |----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
A   |----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
E   |----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|

part C (2:09):

     Fmaj7                             G6
E --|----------------|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
B --|----------------|--------8---8---|10-8---8---------|10-8---8---------|
G 5-|7s9---9---9---9-|--9---9---9-----|-----9---9-7-9---|-----9---9-7-9---|
D --|----------------|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
A --|----------------|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
E --|----------------|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|


Em Fmaj7 Dm Fmaj7 x2

chords used:

Fmaj7: x33210
G7:    320001
G6:    x55430

song progression:

part A
part B
part A
part B
part C
part A


-during part C, hammer on and off the 3rd fret of the B string (5th fret on the G6 chord).
-this song is repetitive, i suggest improvising on the lead guitar riffs.
-the whole song is in 4/4, but the double digit frets are hard to tab whilst perfectly 
tabbing the timing.
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