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Posies - Dream All Day Chords

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Dream All Day Chords

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I Could Dream All Day - The Posies


~  = vibrato
ah = artificial harmonic
X  = clunk

Chords used in the song (at least how I play 'em):

   F#sus4   E    Asus4  A   Bm9   Bsus4    G
E  -----  -----  --0--  --0--  --2--  --2--  --3--
B  -----  --5--  --4--  --2--  --3--  --5--  --3--
G  --4--  --4--  --2--  --2--  --4--  --4--  --0--
D  --4--  --2--  --2--  --2--  --4--  --4--  --0--
A  --4--  --2--  --0--  --0--  --2--  --2--  --2--
E  --2--  --0--  -----  -----  -----  -----  --3--


F#sus4   E   F#sus4   E

Bm9 Bsus4 Bm9  A Asus4 A   Bm9 Bsus4 Bm9   A Asus4 A

(note: The above line gives an overall feeling of what's going on.  There's
 some little riff that includes the (sus) 4th but it's too hard to work
 it out because of the intense guitar fuzz and general noise)

Verse 1:

Bm9     Bsus4  Bm9     A Asus4 A
    I've got a  lot of   thoughts
    I've got a  lot of   plans
    I've lost a lot of   sleep
         Tryin' to under-stand


G          A      Bm9         A
   I could dream all day (I could dream all day)

G          A      Bm9         A
   I could dream all day (I could dream all day)

G          A      Bm9         A        G
   I could dream all daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

           A      Bm9 Bsus4 Bm9
   I could dream all day

A Asus4 A         Bm9 Bsus4 Bm9     A Asus4 A
     I  could dream all day

Verse 2:

In a blackened room
Staring out to space
Underneath a thousand blankets
Just to find a place
Where everything is reachable
Imagining is safe
I tried to make it so
I didn't even know



F#sus4   E   F#sus4   Asus4(?? funny-sounding chord)     (repeat)

E --------14-----------------------------------------------------------|
B --15~--------15----14~--14--14--                        -14----------|
G --16~--------------14~--14--14--< assorted clunks,      -14-16--16~--|
D --------------------------------  squeaks ands wheezes >-------------|
A ------X----X----X---------------                        -------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 3:

I dreamt I was awake
My mouth was coloured grey
As the world revolved around me
I could only say

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