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Peters Mike - Moments In Time Chords

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Moments In Time Chords

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Peters Mike
A  E Bm D 
A E Bm D E Esus4

      G       D/F#	Em7                 D
I was born of 1959 that'll be the day that rock'n'roll died
F#m                           Bsus4
Far away on a dark and stormy night
 G               D/F#            Em7           D
Brought into the new decade, the 60's and her pearly gates
 F#m                                   Bsus4
A hard rain fell and the times forever changed
D                          F#m                    
In the back of a car with the wind in our hair
E                           F#m
Speeding down the road going anywhere
       D             Bm           E  Esus4  E
Was it true we were really going nowhere

G                    D/F#              Em7                D
And '68 rang like a ricochet the world arose to a nightmare day
   F#m                                        Bsus4 
Some people found their voice and a world to change
  G                D/F#        Em7            D
One small step for man was one giant step for mankind
F#m                                     Bsus4
How I wish that we could walk that way tonight
 D                       F#m
On a Woodstock field in the heat of the night
E                   F#m       
Rock'n' roll music defined the times
D            Bm              E  Esus4 E
The sound of generations collide

A                E
These moments in time
Bm                    D
Live on forever in my mind
A                      E
Even though we've said goodbye
Bm                    D   E Esus4 E
Live on forever in my mind

And the '70 king of rock'n'roll
In Gracelands lost his throne
There won't be any comebacks tomorrow
No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones
Why they were taken away? God only knows
We formed a band we were haunted by their ghosts
I remember it now like it was yesterday
Playing those guitars at a frantic pace
Somehow we got lost along the way

Through the London streets in a taxi cab
A radio played an epitaph
Imagine, the dream is over
Oh I've been silent way too long
You never thought I knew what was going on
You probably think that you were in this song
The tragedies behind the dreams
Belie the truth and the honesty
I have seen the dirt and the glory

D/F#  2X023X
Esus4 022200
Bsus4 x24400
F#m   244222 or244200
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