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In Your Eyes Tabs

(ver. 1)
Peter Gabriel


This beautiful song from the 1986 'So' album is a classic.  I have not
been able to find good sheet music for a guitar version of the tune, so
I did it myself. These simplified chords are not the ones David
Sanctious (Peter's keyboard player; sp?) plays, but they sound good
solo and with the record. Your comments, flames, etc. are invited. This
is my first TAB post so be kind :)

Performace notes: Play with your fingers if you can; it makes the
arpeggios easier. Obviously, listen to the recorded version. The rythms
are fairly simple but some of the chord positions are, um, original.

The verses are best understood in phrases that last 8 counts as follows:

          E A D G B e
chord 1     5 4 4 3        lasts 3 counts              
chord 2     0 2 2 3        lasts 1 count
chord 3     2 0 0 3        lasts 3 counts
chord 4     0 x x 0 0      lasts 1 count

..repeat until chorus

Note: The intro is same as the verses but the very first bar omits chord

Chorus :

The chorus has two melodic sections, a high one and a lower one which are 
separated by a bridge.

First section (A major chord):
Comes in with the lyrics "All my instincts.. they return..."  etc.

             pattern 1a:                           pattern 1b:

     2nd finger bars 14th fret...         1st finger on 12th, 2nd bars G&B

    (repeats serveral times)

    Note to the digitally adventuresome: Patterns 1a & b can be played
with some    
    diffculty  on the 9th & 10th frets using the high e string, but I
fould it 
    awkward to make pattern 1b work there. 

  vocals are the swelling "oooooooo--woh-woh" phrases

    B|--------------------|  (repeat 3-4x)
    D|--7--7--7-----------|   recommend anchoring 3rd finger on 7th fret 

Second (main) section of chorus (E major chord):

      (vocals are "In your eyes... the light... the heat..." etc.)

             pattern 2a:                           pattern 2b:

     2nd finger bars 14th fret...         1st finger on 12th, 2nd bars G&B

  (repeats serveral times)

That's pretty much the whole song  :-)

Other Versions

Serveral Live versions of the song have an added
interlude during the 2nd part of the chorus where it gets quiet and
Peter does a vocal that goes (approx)  "Accepting all I've done and
said/ I want to stand and stare again/ till there's nothing left out/
wo-wo-wo/ it remains there in your eyes/whatever comes and goes/wo-oh
its in your eyes"  -> back to second part of chorus w/ full band. There
seem to be two quiet chords that alternate for this section as

(basically pattern 2 with added E on A string, 1st finger suggested.

         E A D G  B  e
chord 1    7 9 9  9          lasts 8 counts              
chord 2    7 7 9 10          lasts 8 counts

I have also heard this interlude used as an extended into/outro on the
recent live album recorded on the 'US' tour (Paula Cole singing backup.
She's great!)


Peter Gabriel  "In Your Eyes"

Chords used:

Capo 7th fret:

Verses: (These 4 repeat throughout:)

 x 9 9 0 10 0
 x 9 0 0 10 0
10 9 0 0 10 0
10 9 0 0 10 0

Where x means muted string and 0 means open string, and the #'s correspond
to fret #'s.

 (A chord formation)       (D chord formation)
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