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Pearl Jam - Off He Goes Tabs

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Off He Goes Tabs

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Pearl Jam
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                Pearl Jam

Intro:        Am
G-------------2-2-2-2-2-2------------- x2

You may want to try lifting your big finger on and off when playing the Am.
   F     C                 F     C                 F

Chords used in song:
   Am  C  F  G

C          F  C              F          Am
Know a man    His face seems pulled and tense
         F     C     F    C           F    C    Am
like hes riding on a motorbike in the strongest winds
    F              C   F        C
So I approach with tact suggest he should relax
Am             F      G          F
but hes always moving much too fast 
(at the end of the verse there is no chord but try C for fun)
Chorus 1
Am                                 Intro picking Am
Said hell see me on the flip side of his trip hes taken for a ride
Intro picking F   C F        C    F       C
hes been      taken too much on off he goes
                   F C    Am      F        C
with his perfectly unkept clothes there he goes

Verse 2( same chords as in verse 1 I think)

Hes yet to come back but I see his picture
doesn't look the same up on the rack we go way back

Chorus 2( chords are same as chorus 1)

I wonder bout his insides its like his thoughts are too big for his size
hes been take where? T don't know off he goes
withe his perefectly unkept hope there he goes

and now I rub my eyes for he has returned
seems my preconception are what should have been burned
for he still smiles and hes still strong
nothing's chaned but the surronding bullsh*t that has grown

And now hes home and were laughing
like we always did my same old same old friend

Until a quarter to ten i see the strain creep in
He seems ditacted and i know just what going to happen next
before his first step he is off again

I havent done the rest because it repeats itself i think.Comments e-mail me at.

ALBUM...: NO CODE                        

                |------------------------2-|      (x2)


C          F  C                              Am
Know a man... His face seems pulled and tense...
          F  C         F   C             F      C    Am
Like he's riding on a mototbike... in the strongest winds...
         F          C           F        C
So I Approach with tact... suggest that he should relax...
    F           C        F   C   Am
But he's always moving much too fast...

 F                          Am       F                Am
Said he'll see me in the flipside... of this trip he's taken for a ride...
F         C           F      C      F       C
He's been takin'... too much on... off he goes
         F     C       F   C    Am         F       C
With his perfectly... unkept clothes.... there he goes...

F            C             F            C
He's yet to come back... but I see his picture...
F        C        F    C        Am        F        C
Doesn't look the same up on the rack... We go way back...

F                  Am            F                     Am
I wonder bout his insides... it's like his thought are too big for his size
F         C           F             C       F       C
He's been takin'... Where? I don't know... off he goes
         F     C       F  C  Am         F       C
With his perfectly... unkept hope.... there he goes...

           F      C            F        C
And now I rub my eyes.. for he has returned
F         C     F       C         F         C      Am
Seems my preconceptions are what should have been burned...
   F          C            F           C
For he still smiles... and he's still strong...
F            C               F         C         F    C     Am
Nothing's changed but the surronding bullsh*t... that has grown...

    F           C      F       C
And now he's home and we're laughing...
F        C       F           C         F    C   Am
Like we always did... my same old... same old friend...

         F         C              F              C
Until a quarter to ten... I saw the strain creep in...
      F         C           F         C               F     C   Am
He seemed distracted and I know just what is going to happen next...

         F        C         F       C
Before his first step... he is off again...

CHORDS:     Am                    F                          C
         1      2           1      2      3          1      2      3
     |------|------|    |--X---|------|------|    |------|------|------|
     |--X---|------|    |--X---|------|------|    |--X---|------|------|
     |------|--X---|    |--X---|--X---|------|    |------|------|------|
     |------|--X---|    |--X---|------|--X---|    |------|--X---|------|
     |------|------|    |--X---|------|--X---|    |------|------|--X---|
     |------|------|    |--X---|------|------|    |------|------|------|

          from Murcia (Spain)
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