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Pat Dailey - Fathers Last Word Chords

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Fathers Last Word Chords

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Pat Dailey
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                      Father’s Last Word - Pat Dailey

Tuning: Standard E

    C    F    Dm   G    C7   Am

G|--0----2----2----0----3----2--| Chords with an exclamation point ex. C!
D|--2----3----0----0----2----2--| indicate that the chord is only strummed
A|--3----3----X----2----3----0--| once and rings out.


F F C Am Dm G C G

(Verse 1)

C                 F                 Dm
Sit down my sons, I’ve something to say 
G                                   C
What my father told me on his dying day
C                         F          Dm
And now to my own sons, I pass this along
       G                                 C    F C G
For my time is at hand, and soon I’ll be gone
C                              F                Dm
I’ve tried to teach you what’s right and what’s wrong
   G                                   C
Be upright, be honest, be brave and be strong
   C                       F                   Dm              
Be kind and be true to the good friends you’ve made
          G                         C      C7
And never turn down a chance to get laid!


Do the Young ones, the old ones, 
The hot ones, the cold ones
    G                    C
The scags, the hags, the free and the paid
Do the rich ones the poor ones 
    C            Am
The drunk on the floor ones
           Dm                     G
If they’re ugly son pull down the shade
          F           G             C
And never turn down a chance to get laid!


F F C Am Dm G C C G F C G

(Verse 2)
   C                      F        Dm
Oh boys now I lay here my body all broke
  G                                         C
I pray you’ll be heedin’ these last words I spoke
   C                 F           Dm
As I meet my maker I clearly now see
    G                                        C   C7
Why all of your mothers are so p**sed off at me

So, do the big ones, the small ones
The short ones, the tall ones
    G                          C
The street walking hooker, the cooker of pain
Do the flat chested screamer 
        C            Am
The big breasted big beamers
      Dm                       G
Never mind if she’s fertile or spayed
          F           G             C      C7
And never turn down a chance to get laid!


Do the sleazy, the easy
The smelly, the greasy
    G                       C
The smutty, the sl*tty, the chubby ones too
Do the classic two bagger 
        C           Am
The two legged tail wager
    Dm                           G       G!
And boys you’ll know when you’re through
            F!            G!                       C!
When you’ve found one you love who loves who loves you
But until you do…

Do the black ones the white ones
The loose ones the tight ones
    G                         C
The freaks do the geeks, the uniques and all the antiques
       F                        C          Am
Do the nasty and the mean, the obese the obscene
          Dm          G
But never turn down a chance…
       C        Am
Always go for romance
      Dm          G
Never turn down a chance…
       C          Am
Always go for the pants
          F           G             C    
And never turn down a chance to get laid!


F F C Am Dm G C GC
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