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Parquet Courts - Pathos Prairie Chords

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Pathos Prairie Chords

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Parquet Courts

|G5  |C5  |G5  |    |

[Verse 1]

G5          C5         G5              E5   
Faster than hope flies cold through my veins
G5          C5              E5     G5  
Faster than cruelty could drain it out
G5        C5          G5           E5
I commit crimes and I call them mistakes
G5         C5          E5       G5
Nothing denies like a heart in doubt
G5           C5                 G5           E5
This I know people flow like streams where I bathe
G5           C5       E5        G5
Then drift along to a foreign place
G5              C5           G5            E5
The past like a servant that bends for our sake
G5       C5            E5     A5  
Into the lines we tell it to trace


C5              E5
Like how we are wired
C5            E5
Like how we decide
Like how we are taught
E5              C5
Like how we are not
            G5                E5   G5  E5
Like how we hide ourselves in vain

[Verse 2]

G5          C5        G5          E5  
Laughter in sunshine, laughter in pain
G5            C5          E5     G5
Keeps pace of heart in an honest life
    G5        C5           G5       E5  
But after the fondness for life is erased
G5         C5       E5     G5
What races on in my soul besides
G5               C5                 G5             E5
Rabid mutts that fight and f**k and howl till they faint
G5           C5          E5      G5  
They too run on when the moon is lit
G5          C5           G5        E5
Faster than love turns itself into rage
G5          C5        E5    A5
Faster than I attempt to forget


C5            E5
Like how we desire
C5             E5
Like how we embrace
Like how we give up
E5               C5
Like how we make love
            G5                     E5   G5 E5
Like how we taste when we're spit away


D5 C5 G5 x2 


C5              E5
Like how we are wild
C5              E5
Like how we are pure
Like how we despise
E5               C5
Like how we tell lies
               G5                E5
Like how we're sure we're gonna change
G5                E5
     We're gonna change
G5                E5    G5 C5 G5
     We're gonna change            
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