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Panic At The Disco - Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks Chords

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Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks Chords

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Panic At The Disco
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                Nails For Breakfast, Tacks for snacks.
This is the    ---->| DEMO.| Em (022000)
G (320033)
Am (002210)
C (032010)

Oh, and on another note, 
	during the first
chorus and then all the way to the end, there is 
no guitar (none that I can hear, at least).
But I've written it for you because it's no
fun to play one verse of a great song.

And the last thing...
	Right where it says "the hospice is..." 
start a different strumming pattern
every other half beat or something
to that effect. Listen to the song.
you'll get it. End the strumming pattern
and go back to the original pattern where
it says "with all the top physicians".

Watch your mouth
     G                  Am
your speech is slurred enough
     C                      Em
that you might swallow your tounge
you'd want to give up the ghost
                   Am        C
with a little more poise than that
Em                          G
Or was it god who chokes in these situations?
Am               C             Em            G   Am   C
Running Late? No no, he called in. he called in-----.

Em		      G 	     
the hospice is a relaxing weekend getaway    
where you are a cut above all the rest	    
sick and sad patients on first name basis

with all the top physicians        

Perscribed Pills                       
   G            Am
to offset the shakes 
to offset the pills         [Chorus]

you know you should
Em   G             Am    C
take it a day at a time

            Em  G                     Am
That's when you stutter something profound
to the support on the line
and with the way you've been talking
G               Am            C
every word gets you a step closer to hell.
Em               G
No, I just can't help it.
                Am        C
To say what everyone else is thinking
Em     G         Am      C
let me state the obvious again

[Chorus x2]

     Em                 G
I am alone in this bed, house and head
Am              C          
she never fixes this but at least she
Em   G      
I am alone in this bed
Am              C
she never fixes that but at least she
makes me forget

[Chorus x2]

And then it ends in all its awesome syth stuff.
no outro needed.

Hope you enjoyed it... Panic! Rocks.
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