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Ive Sung One Too Many Songs Tabs

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Ocean Blue
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The Ocean Blue - "I've Sung One Too Many Songs For A Crowd That Didn't Want To Hear"

Capo on 2nd Fret.                                             |    Chords:
Intro:                                                Strings | C*   G6   F*  D*
                                                              | C/G
--2-------2-----2-----2-----4-------4-------4(let ring)--4d---|--2---

|F*   G6    F*    G6    F*    G6     F*     G6|

|C*   G6    F*    G6    C*    G6     F*     G6|

|C*  |G6   |F*   |G6                |C*    |G6   |F*  |G6  
|Shee|eeeee|eeee |Walks through my  |miiiii|iind |    |
|Shee|eeeee|eeee |strolls through my|Mooooo|ooods|    |and we're

|C*     |G6         |F*    |G6
|wasting|time in the|coming|going
|losing |time in the|coming|going

|C*  C/G  C*  C/G |D*   |C*   C/G  C*  C/G    |D*
|Oh Iiiii    will |hold |hold your hand in the|air. in the

|C*   |G6  |F*  |G6      |C*   |G6    |F*    |G6
|Aaaii|irrr|    |na na na|aaa  |      |      |

|C*    |G6            |F*         |G6       |C*    |G6   |F*  |G6  
|a tuuu|uuuuuuuuuuuuuu|ne that    |isn't my |kiiiii|ind  |    |I

|C*      |G6            |F*         |G6
|hear a  |voice and it's|speaking to|me
|I hear a|voice and it's|speaking to|me  Ohh

|C*        |D*              |C*              |D*      
|Iiiii have|suuuuuung one to|many songs for a|crowd

Solo. or strum |C*   G6  F*  G6| eight times.

|C*  C/G  C*  C/G |D*          |C*  C/G  C*  C/G |D*
|Oh I have        |sung one too|many songs for a |crowd that didn't want to

|C*   |G6  |F*  |G6      |C*   |G6    |F*    |G6
|heeea|rrr |    |na na na|aaa  |      |      |

Note: choppy strum pattern
|C*|G6 G6|F* F*|G6 G6 G6 G6|C*|G6 G6|F* F*|G6 G6 G6 G6|C* (let ring)

This is the best that I can do.  Enjoy!
Reggie Peratrovich
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