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Myslovitz - Mickey Tabs

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Mickey Tabs

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                Myslovitz - Mickey

All song is build on those chords:
E D , after it comes C and A, again D and let it roll.
Solo guitar (Wojtek Powaga):        Rhythmic guitar #1 (Artur Rojek):     
                                       E                           D
e|-12-10-----------------|          e|----------------------------------|
B|-------12-10-----------|          B|----------------------------------|
G|-------------12-9-9-12-|          G|-99-99-9999-9-99-999-9-99-99-7777-|
D|-----------------------|          D|-99-99-9999-9-99-999-9-99-99-7777-|
A|-----------------------|          A|-77-77-7777-7-77-777-7-77-77-5555-|
E|-----------------------|          E|----------------------------------|
 After it (played at C, A and D):    After it:                     
                                       C                    A          D
e|-12-10----12-10----|              e|-------------------------------------|
B|-------12-------12-|              B|-------------------------------------|
G|-------------------|              G|---------------------------------777-|
D|-------------------|              D|-101010-10101010-1010-x-777-777x-777-|
A|-------------------|              A|-101010-10101010-1010-x-777-777x-555-|
E|-------------------|              E|-8 8 8 -8 8 8 8 -8 8 -x-555-555x-----|
Bass guitar (Jacek Kuderski):       Rhythmic guitar #2 (Przemek Myszor):
                                       E                           D
 Introduction:                      e|-00-00-0000-0-00-000-0-00-00-2222-|
G|-9--9--9--9-9-7-9--9--9-|         G|-11-11-1111-1-11-111-1-11-11-2222-|
D|------------------------|         D|-22-22-2222-2-22-222-2-22-22-0000-|
A|------------------------|         A|-22-22-2222-2-22-222-2-22-22------|
E|------------------------|         E|-00-00-0000-0-00-000-0-00-00------|
                                       C             A        D
G|-9--9--9--9-9-7-9--9--9-9-|       e|-000-0000-0000-000-0000-222-|
D|--------------------------|       B|-111-1111-1111-111-1111-333-|
A|--------------------------|       G|-000-0000-0000-222-2222-222-|
E|--------------------------|       D|-222-2222-2223-222-2222-000-|
 In the main part of the song:      E|----------------------------|
   E                           D
G|---------------------------------|         Lyrics:
A|-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-5-5-|         I am what I am                x5
E|---------------------------------|         I am...
 Or:                                         Do You know I walk on lately? x2
  E        D                                 I am what I am
D|-------------------|                       Do You know I walk on lately? x2
A|-7--7--7--x-5------|                       I am... what I am!
                                             Our love's supreme            x2
   D       C               A       D         Our love
G|-----------------------------------------| F*cken love
A|-7--7--5-------------------------5-5-5-5-| Our love's supreme            x2
E|---------8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-5-5-5-5---------| Our love
                                             F*cken love
 In verse:                                
   E                       D                 Our love's a dream            x2
G|------------------------------------|      Our love
D|------------------------------------|      F*cken love
E|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-10-10-1010-|      Our love's a dream            x3
                                             Our love
   D       C               A       D         
G|-----------------------------------------| Our love's a dream            x2
D|-----------------------------------------| Our love
A|-7--7--5-------------------------5-5-5-5-| F*cken love
                                             F*cken love                   x8
This song was never recorded in studio. Tab  You don't know me
is connected with record, which was made in  F*cken love
2004 Switzerland, propably. You can check   
to correct this tab, or if You'd like to     F*cken love
get mp3 with that song: tanbris mail ru          
This song is improved everytime it's played. You don't know me             x4
It's inspired of Stereolab's artwork,        F*cken love
especially of The "Transient Random Noise  
Bursts With Announcements".                  Love                          x7
I heared it on a gig about two times and         
that was completly different, so You don't   F*cken love
have to stick with this tab so close, try                  
better to express yourself in it, it's the   Hate me                      x12
best for that kind of fun. I hope that tab                
is readable, I writed it like that for You   Take me                      x12
to have it on a one piece of paper, not    
five or more. So carry on and have a nice    Take me                      x12
playing. Listen to polish music like                                
Myslovitz, Hey, Cool Kids Of Death, etc.     F*cken love                   x3
It's not bad, it won't bite You.             
                                             Our love's supreme           
Greets from Poland (:                                             
                                             F*cken love                   x3
                                             Our love's supreme
                                             Love's supreme                x7
                                             F*cken love
                                             Our love's supreme
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