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Mraz Jason - Curbside Prophet Chords

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Curbside Prophet Chords

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Mraz Jason
Curbside Prophet -  By- Jason Mraz  -  Waiting for my rocket -cd

Intro > G -C-F-Bb-F-G...I use basic chords here with open notes..
double pick base note then pick the chord.. repeat 2xs into chorus..	throw in a few hard taps in between chords for a beat and you got one cool tune!   Dig in and listen to new rock as well as that great old stuff we all love.

 G               				C
Im just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket
	  F                      Bb  F
and I’m waiting for my rocket to come..
G					C
I’m just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket
F			       Bb      F   
and I’m waiting for my rocket ya’ll...
(same notes throughout but I use barr chords g and c for the rest)
  G                            C  
You see it started way back in N.Y.C 
	F                          Bb...F  (slide to Barr g) 
when I stole my first rhyme from the M I C
G                        C
in the west end avenue at 63
it’s the beginning of a leap year February-96
win a guitar picked up in the mix 
I committed to the licks 
  like a nickle bag of tricks...well
look at me now ...look at me now...look at me now now now now


and then  ya never never da guessed where Id been been been..
  And I have no regrets..that I bet my whole checking account	
 because it all amounts to nothing.. up in the end.
 well you can only count that “on the road again”
    will soon be  on my radio dial						
 and I been payin close attention to the Willy Nelson style
  like a band of gypsies on the highway while
as I’m a one man mission on the california skyline
  drive up the coast..I brag and I boast
     because I’m pickin up the pace and
  making time like space ghost
  raising a toast to the highway patrol with the most
 but my cruise controls on coast...
 Cause I’m touring around the nation on
 an extended vacation...see I got
 Ellsa the dog..who exceeds my limitation
 I said..”I like your style ..crazy pound pup..
You need a ride?..  well come on girl hop in the truck!”
 With the...curbside prophet...(chorus)
(funk it up 4 fun)
See I’m a down home brother 
C                                   F     (just skip the Bb)
redneck undercover...with my guitar here I am ready to play...
And I’m a sucker for a philly
got a natural ability...geared to freestyle 
look at my flexability ..dangerous on the mic
my ghetto hats cocked to fight..all the ladies say..
Yo that kid is crazy! We got them backstage betty's
 takin more than they can get..they say
whats up with M -R- A- Z ???????????.....

hey..hey hey   (back to g-c-f-Bb)
somethings different in my world today
well they changed...the bright traffic signs..
To a brighter yellow...(Repeat with chorus...and fade)

Well that’s how I play it...fun tune most of your friends probably never heard
send cool tunes...thank you's...(yeah right) to me at 
Wxpn where music matters......rock on and thanks to all
 the previous posts that helped me learn to rock!
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