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Monkees - D W Washburn Chords

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D W Washburn Chords

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                D.W. Washburn:The Monkees.
#19 in 1968.
(The Coasters recorded their version, also in 1968.)

A    F#        B                     E 
D.W. Washburn, I heard a sweet voice say, 
A    F#        B                  E 
D.W. Washburn, this is your lucky day. 
  D                   A          D                A     B    E 
A hot bowl of soup is waitin', a hot bowl of soup and a shave. 
A    F#        B         E      A 
D.W. Washburn, we picked you to save. 
E                              A 
Can't you hear the bugle call? Can't you hear the bells? 
E                           A                A7 
Even you can be reborn, you naughty ne'er-do-well...
           D                     A         D        A        B   E 
But if you don't get out of that gutter, before the next big rain, 
A    F#                     B          E        A 
D.W. Washburn, you're gonna wash right down the drain. 
C#7                         F#m 
Up, up, come on get up, get up off that street. 
   B                              B7 
If you can only make it from your hands to your knees, 
  E                            E7 
I know you can make it to your feet. 
A    F#        B           E 
D.W. Washburn, I said to myself, 
A    F#                      B               E 
D.W. Washburn, why don't you go save sombody else? 
        D             A              D          A         B   E 
Well, I got no job to go to, I don't work and I don't get paid. 
        A                   D       B            B7        E      A 
I got a bottle of wine, I'm feelin' fine...and I believe I got it made. 
            D                  A            D      A     B  E 
I'd like to thank all you good people...for comin' to my aid, 
        A    F#             B         E      A 
but I'm D.W. Washburn, I do believe I got it made..

    F#              B         E      A 
D.W.Washburne, I do believe I got it made.(x2)(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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