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Mimi And Richard Farina - The Falcon Tabs

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The Falcon Tabs

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Mimi And Richard Farina
"The Falcon"
 - Mimi And Richard Farina

(Capo 4th Fret)





                                            Oh, the...


...falcon was a pretty bird
F        G      C   E
wandered as she flew
    F       G         C      C/B Am   
She danced around and pranced around 
    E        E7         Am
wherever the warm winds blew

And the falcon was a pretty bird 
    F         G      C   E
Her voice was always still,
    F        G         C   C/B  Am
But men with drums and men with guns 
     E          E7     Am
they taught her how to kill

Her eye was on the sparrow 
    F        G      C   E
Her mind was on the dove,
    F      G         C  C/B  Am  
But no one cared and no one dared 
   E        E7     Am
to speak to her of love
Her eyes are always hooded 
    F         G        C   E
Her claws are sharp as steel
   F         G      C   C/B  Am  
We teach her not to see too much 
   E         E7      Am
We teach her not to feel

[Repeat Intro]

Go build you a log cabin 
     F    G      C   E
on a mountain so high,
    F        G         C   C/B   Am  
And hear the feathered war-birds yell 
   E        E7        Am
as she goes screaming by

She'll tease you she'll please you 
       F    G       C   E
She'll satisfy your needs
    F       G         C    C/B Am  
But someday she might turn around 
    E        E7        Am
and maul the hand that feeds

Your hours might be numbered 
     F         G    C     E    
Your end might come someday
   F         G         C   C/B  Am  
Go break her chain and free her brain 
    E        E7     Am
and send her on her way

And the falcon is a pretty bird
F       G      C   E
Wonders as she flies
    F       G    C  C/B  Am  
She asks us easy questions 
   E        E7    Am
We tell her easy lies

-----| Notes |------------------------------ 

 On Mimi and Richard Farina's "Celebration For A Grey Day" album the actual 
recording is slightly sped up. 
To match the recording use standard tuning but tune it slightly sharp with a capo on the fourth fret.
Alternatively, you could tune it slightly flat with a capo on the fifth fret.

-----| Chords |------------------------------ 

   Am       F       G      C      C/B      E       E7
 x02210  133211  355433  x32010  x20010  022100  022130 
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