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Michael Jackson - Will You Be There Chords

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Will You Be There Chords

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Michael Jackson
...WILL YOU BE THERE... by Michael Jackson


D  Em/D  (x16)

Verse 1:

D                 Em/D  D
 Hold Me Like The River Jordan
    Em/D        D
And I Will Then Say To Thee
Em/D        D      Em/D  
 You Are My Friend

Verse 2:

D              Em/D       D
 Carry Me Like You Are My Brother
Em/D            D
 Love Me Like A Mother
Em/D         D      Em/D         
 Will You Be There?

Verse 3:

D           Em/D        D
 Weary Tell Me Will You Hold Me
     Em/D            D
When Wrong, Will You Skold Me
Em/D            D        
 When Lost Will You Find Me?

Verse 4:

         D         Em/D          D
But They Told Me A Man Should Be Faithful
    Em/D          D
And Walk When Not Able
Em/D                D                Em/D
 And Fight Till The End But I'm Only Human

D  Em/D  (x16)

Middle 8:

F           Eb         D
 Everyone's Taking Con-trol Of Me
F               Eb            D
 Seems That The World's Got A Role For Me
F           Eb             D
 I'm So Con-fused Will You Show To Me
          C                A
You'll Be There For Me And Care Enough To Bear Me


E          F#m/E         E
 (Hold Me)(Lay Your Head Lowly)
F#m/E         E
 (Softly Then Boldly)
F#m/E      E     F#m/E       
 (Carry Me There)

E          F#m/E       E
 (Lead Me)(Love Me And Feed Me)
F#m/E         E
 (Kiss Me And Free Me)
F#m/E         E     F#m/E 
 (I Will Feel Blessed)

F#        Abm/F#   F#
 (Carry) (Carry Me Boldly)
Abm/F#       F#
 (Lift Me Up Slowly)
Abm/F#     F#    Abm/F#   
 (Carry Me There)

F#          Abm/F#      F#
 (Save Me) (Heal Me And Bathe Me)
Abm/F#       F#
 (Softly You Say To Me)
Abm/F#      F#    Abm/F# 
 (I Will Be There)

Ab         Bbm/Ab      Ab
 (Lift Me) (Lift Me Up Slowly)
Bbm/Ab     Ab
 (Carry Me Boldly)
Ab            Bbm/Ab  Ab
 (Show Me You Care)

Ab          Bbm/Ab        Ab
 (Hold Me) (Lay Your Head Lowly)
Bbm/Ab        Ab
 (Softly Then Boldly)
Ab         Bbm/Ab  Ab
 (Carry Me There)

Ab          Bbm/Ab      Ab
 (Need Me) (Love Me And Feed Me)
Bbm/Ab        Ab
 (Kiss Me And Free Me)
Ab            Bbm/Ab  Ab
 (I Will Feel Blessed)

(Repeat to Fade)


   D      Em/D     F       Eb      C       A       E     F#m/E    

 xx0232  000000  133211  6554xx  x32010  x02220  022100  x02222  

   F#     Abm/F#   Ab    Bbm/Ab        
 244322  xx4444  466544  xx6666
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