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Matchbox Twenty - Overjoyed Chords

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Overjoyed Chords

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Matchbox Twenty
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                             Overjoyed – Matchbox Twenty
Tuning:  EADGCe  **  note that b string is tuned up ½ step to c

Verse Chords:          *Cadd12       
   C/G    EmaddC        Csus4    C*  Gsus4       G5   Gadd4

Chorus Chords:
        C*        Dm11        Fadd2

Bridge Chords:
      Gadd4   Am7   Csus4

Intro:  C/G EmaddC  x2

Verse 1:  C/G        EmaddC               C/G          EmaddC        Csus4
          Feeling my hands start shaking  Hearing your voice I'm overjoyed
                C*       Gsus4 G5  Csus4   C*          Gsus4   G5
          I'm sorry but I have no choice   You're only getting bitter
          C/G       EmaddC             C/G          EmaddC               Csus4
          Maybe you have your reasons  Maybe you're scared you'll be let down
                   C*        Gsus4 G5        Csus4
          Are you crying when there's no one around?

Chorus:         Gadd4               C*      Dm11   Fadd2              
          Then maybe, maybe if you hold me, baby, let me come over
                  C*        Dm11   Fadd2
          I will tell you secrets nobody knows
                     C*   Dm11    Fadd2             C/G      EmaddC 
          I can not overstate it   I will be overjoyed

Verse 2:  C/G                EmaddC 
          That smile on your face like summer  
          C/G               EmaddC                  Csus4
          The way that your hand keeps touching mine
                 C*           Gsus4    G5    Csus4
          Let me be the one to make it right

Chorus:       Gadd4                 C*      Dm11  Fadd2
          And maybe, maybe let me hold you, baby, let me come over
                  C*       Dm11   Fadd2
          I will tell you secrets nobody knows
                     C*  Dm11     Fadd2          C/G(hammer 1st fret high E string)
          I can not overstate it  I will be overjoyed

Bridge:   Gadd4      Am7        Csus4      Gadd4
          And if you want we'll share this life
          Am7                          Csus4             Gadd4
          Anytime you need a friend I'm gonna be by your side
                      Am7  Csus4 Gadd4   Csus4 
          When nobody understands you... well I do

(High e string not played while drums are stopped)

Chorus:                    C*       Dm11  Fadd2
          So maybe let me hold you, baby, let me come over
                  C*      Dm11    Fadd2
          I will tell you secrets God only knows
                     C*  Dm11     Fadd2              C*
          I can not overstate it  I will be overjoyed
           Dm11 Fadd2             C*              Dm11
          Baby, let me come over  I will tell you secrets
           Fadd2                  C*  Dm11    Fadd2             C*    Dm11
          Nobody knows  I can not overstate it I will be overjoyed
           Fadd2             C*     Dm11   Fsus2             C*
          Well I will be overjoyed     Well I will be overjoyed

Based on performances by Kyle Cook and Rob Thomas   


| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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