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Matchbox Twenty - Long Day Chords

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Long Day Chords

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Matchbox Twenty
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                Long Day -- Matchbox 20 (capo IV)

     D       D2                   Em
It's sittin' by the overcoat, the second shelf the note she wrote
     C/G           G               D/D2
That I can't bring myself to throw away
    C2 G6 D     D2                           Em
And al-so reach she said for no one else but you
                      C/G       G               D
'cuz you won't turn a-way, when someone else is gone

I'm sorry about the attitude, I need to give when I'm with you
But no one else will take this sh*t from me
And I'm so terrified of no one else but me
I'm here all the time, I won't go away

     D              Em7
Yeah hey...... it's me
          C              G            D
Yeah-well I can't get my-self to go a-way
(CC  D  D)     Em7
 Heeey,   it's me
    C                          G
And I can't get myself to go a-way
Oh, God, I shouldn't feel this way now

Em                                   C/G
Reach down your hand in your pocket, pull out some hope for me
            G         D  D2              Em
It's been a long day, al-ways ain't that right

well no Lord your hand won't stop it
Just keep you trem-bel-in'
            G         D  D2              C2
It's been a long day, al-ways ain't that right

I'm surprised if you believe, in anything that comes from me
I didn't hear-it from you or from someone else
And you're so set in life, man a p**ser they're waiting
Too damn bad you get so far so fast, so-what, sooo-long


SOLO (use bridge chords)



    D  D2  Em C/G  Csus  C2  G  G6  Em7 G/F

NOTE:  when you see "D  D2" together it's really a shuffle between
the two by taking your finger on and off the "e" string.  Also,
when the Em chord is played, a shuffle is also played by alternately
allowing the "D" string to ring openly.  Further, when the C/G chord
is played, you may allow the "D" string to ring openly (noted as a
Csus chord above). playing with the record is important for this one.
This tab version builds upon the tab by Jon Aleman without whom I
never even would have got to "capo IV."  --kidguitar
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