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Los Campesinos - In Medias Res Chords

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In Medias Res Chords

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Los Campesinos
B  E  F#  G#m E x4

A    F# G#m A    F# E

Verse 1:

But let's talk about you for a minute 
With the vomit at your gullet 
        F#                             G#m              E
From a half bottle of vodka that we'd stolen from the optic 
        B                                 E
On the back seat of your car, because it wasn't safe to start it 
          F#                                 G#m               E
You were "far too f**ked to drive", were the words that you imparted 
           B                 E                     F#             G#m   E
And the woollen dress that clung so tight to the contours of your body 
         B                    E              F#            G#m    E
And the dead grass stuck to fibres from us rolling in the lay-by 
       B                     E
Were passed to dog-haired blankets 
        F#                     G#m    E
That protected the bench seat covers 
         B          E                    F#            G#m    E
And a crucifix was hung from rear view mirror by your mother 

A    F# G#m A    F# E

(glockenspiel part:)

Ab  B  Ab  Bb Db x3

Verse 2:

      Ab                  B           Ab          Bb    Db
I'm leaving my body to science, not medical but physics 
Ab                           B          Ab                 Bb       Db
Drag my corpse through the airport and lay me limp on the left wing 
Ab                      B                       Ab                             Bb    Db
Drop me at the highest point and trace a line around the dent I leave in the ground 
Ab                B                       Ab                 Bb
That'll be the initial of the one you'll marry now I'm not around 
   Db       Ab                          B
I flew for seven hours, the sky didn't once turn black 

B   G#m   E Dbm

And I would sooner go down in a ball of flames!
(Then I would lay here and be bored to death
                  E    Dbm  G#m
 All's well that ends.)

B  E  F#  G#m E x2

Verse 3:

   B                   E                 F#               G#m    E
I wake from sleep, my head and shoulder, wet against the window 
   B                     E                F#                    G#m     E 
A frost had formed and melted, soaked me right through to my collarbone 
B                       E                 F#                 G#m
If you were given the option of dying painlessly in peace at 45 
E            B            E             F#            G#m  E  B
But with a lover at your side, after a full and happy life 
            E                   F#    G#m  E  B
Is this something that would interest you? 
              E             F#  G#m  E
Would this interest you at all?

B  E  F#  G#m E            
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