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Las - Son Of A Gun Chords

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Son Of A Gun Chords

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                February 4th 2001.  1.36pm


Written by Lee Mavers

Chords used:

Standard tuning (EADGBe)

C:  x32010
Bb: x1333x
F:  133211

Or alternatively you could tune your guitar down a tone to


and use these shapes:

C:  xx0232
Bb  x32033 (Bbadd9)
F:  320033

C Bb (x4)

       C    Bb  C
If you want
     Bb         C    Bb     C
I'll sell you a life story
 Bb     C           Bb    C              Bb           C     Bb  C
About a man who's a loggerheads with his past all the time
Bb    C    Bb  C
He's alive
    Bb        C    Bb     C  Bb
and living in purgatory
         C        Bb         C
All he's doing is rooming in hotels
    Bb          C       Bb   C
And scooping up lots of wine

          F      Bb     C      Bb
There was once a boy of life
    F      Bb      C      Bb
Who lived upon the knife
   F        Bb       C    Bb
He took his share of everywhere
       F     Bb     C
But he never took a wife...

Bb     C    Bb  C
He was born
   Bb          C    Bb    C  Bb
To live like a mercenary
     C    Bb      C            Bb
Well personally I think that's fine
          C      Bb         C
If you're in the right mind
Bb     C Bb  C          Bb        C         Bb  C  Bb
He was bur - ned by the twentieth century
    C          Bb          C           Bb
Now he's doing time in the back of his mind
       C         Bb
He can hear them outside

       F    Bb     C     Bb
Better run, rabbit run
F     Bb     C    Bb
Run into the sun
F         Bb           C       Bb
Kick your heels in the killing fields
F   Bb     C
Run rabbit run
           Bb       C   Bb
You're the son of a gun

C Bb (x8)

He was born to live like a mercenary
Well personally I think that's fine
If you're in the right mind.

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