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Kitchie Nadal - Fire Chords

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Fire Chords

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Kitchie Nadal
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                Kitchie Nadal
This is the correct way to play this song. Ang daming versions na ininvestigate ko
mali mali naman. Itong tab na to ay tama kung pinakinggan nyo mabuti sa CD ni Kitchie,
parehong pareho dito. Kung gusto nyo to tugtugin sa Standard EADGBe tuning, pwede rin
pero para sa mga experts na tulad ko, Drop D is ang tamang paraan para matugtog tong
song na ito.

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used in Drop D: All Power chords
Ab5 -  666xxx
C#5 -  x466xx
Eb5 -  111xxx
B5 -   x244xx
E5 -   222xxx
C5 -   x355xx
G5 -   555xxx
D/F# - 454xxx
D5 -   000xxx

Sa mga ayaw mag drop D o nananatiling standard EADGBe, eto ang mga chords na dapat ninyong gamitin.

G#m -  466444
C#  -  x46664
Ebm -  x68876 or xx1342
B   -  x24442
Em  -  022000
C   -  x35553 or x32010
G   -  355433 or 320033
D/F#-  2x023x
D   -  xx0232


Guitar 1:
D|-6-4---6-4-----6-6-6-6-6-----6-4---6-4------ x2

Guitar 2:
D|-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6------- x4

Verse 1:
Ab5           C#5       Ab5             C#5
  Little child, did you throw the dice again? 
Ab5       C#5                Ab5 C#5       
Black and blue paint on your wall. 
Ab5           C#5               Ab5          C#5
  Didn’t mama tell you that she loves you so? 
        Ab5                  C#5               Ab5 C#5
Even if her bones are dry to hear you sing and cry. 

(Repeat Intro)

Ab5             C#5                Ab5-C#5
  Attempting to please the world at 
Ab5          C#5      Ab5-C#5
  the age of seventeen.
Ab5               C#5               Ab5     C#5 
  You kill your babies and call it “offering”
                       Ab5                    C#5           Ab5   C#5
The stench of truth: a life for a life, to be kind is to be unkind.

        Eb5           C#5       B5
It took six sweet years of your life.
            Eb5                  C#5              B5
You walked alone along with your tea-cold-colored mind. 
Eb5        C#5            B5
Subtly you pay the curse upon you,
      Eb5            C#5               B5
but a promise of the man seeps through earth, grave and stone.

E5         C5                     G5     D/F#
  You will seek Him with all your heart, soul and strength. 
E5             C5                  G5           D5  Eb5   
  You’ll count all the cost as you walk out the door. 
E5          C5             G5               D/F#
  Without a warning you’ll set the world on fire! like it used to be
Fire!(repeat 4x)


(Repeat Intro)

Verse 2:
Ab5             C#5             Ab5-C#5
  You’re never appearing not to. 
Ab5        C#5       Ab5     C#5
  Emerging through unscathed.
Ab5      C#5              Ab5      C#5 
  Little god, you’re cauterized by sin. 
                Ab5              C#5              Ab5 C#5
Comfortable and seem to gain the taste of a fatherless

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
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        Fire lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Fire lessons
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