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Jimmy Barnes - Still Got A Long Way To Go Ukulele

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Still Got A Long Way To Go Ukulele

(ver. 1)
Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Barnes and Diesel  -  Still Got a Long Way To Go

capo 4 (original version)
capo 3 (later version)

Intro:       G    	 D add4     C add9     Bb6 no5
A7sus4    [A7sus4    A7    A7sus2   A7     A7sus2] (Riff 1)

          G                      (G sus2)*    D add4
Verse 1:       I've got one more                 remaining hour 
          C add9        Bb6 no5       A7sus4 [Riff 1]
               with you in this dusty room.    And you know that
          G                D add4
               just like     some plastic flowers
          C add9        Bb6 no5        A7sus4 [Riff 1]
               You just never see them bloom

Chorus:             C
             Oh I,     I burned the candle,
        D add4(2) 
             For you      so many times
        G                  D add4             Em    (Em sus4)
             You know they never     burn too slow
                 C add9      Bb6 no5   D sus4   G..[Repeat intro chords]
        And I've still got a long      way to   go

Verse 2:   I came across a wise man
           Seemed that he might understand
           Promised that he would lighten up my load (Yes he did now).
           I put my money in his hand,
           I thought he was a ticket man
           Sent me off down the road

Chorus:    Oh well I put my trust in
           oh so many a man
           Never tell who's friend or foe
           And I've still got a long way to go
Bridge: F 6th no5         G
           Time can be so hard (time can be so hard)
        F 6th no5                          G              Em
           There ain't no shuffling of the cards that you dealt
                  A            D5  
           This I know,  now I know.  

Verse 3:   I walked through fields of snow
           Feeling warm from the after-glow
           I thought I'd never feel the cold.  And you know that
           I saw a star up in the sky,
           I felt that it could be mine
           Instead it was the king of rock n'roll

Chorus:    Yeah, things aren't always quite 
           what they seem, no.
           I'd pay nothing to see the show
                                            F 6th no5       C add9
           And I've still got a long way to go.       Oh,oh whoa.

Verse 4:   I've still got a long way  (still got a long way)
           I've still got a long way
           And I've still got a long way to go.

[Repeat ad lib]

Chords (with respect to capo):

G: 320033
G sus2: 300033
D add4: 200033
C add9: x32033
Bb6 no5: x10033       
A7 sus4: x02033
A7: x02023
A7 sus2:  x02003
C: x32010
D add4(2): 2x0233
Em: 022000
Em sus4: 002000
D sus4: x00033
F 6th no5: xx3231
A: x0222x
D5: x0023x

*Note: in the main guitar riff there is sometimes a G sus2 thrown in.
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