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Janis Ian - In The Winter Chords

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In The Winter Chords

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Janis Ian
11th Dec 2012

CAPO: 3rd fret (sounds in key of Cm)


(Asus2/E) Asus2                      (Asus2/E) Asus2
                 The days are okay,
              (Dsus2/A)    Dsus2    (Dsus2/C)
I watch the TV   in  the afternoon,
Asus2                  (Asus2/E) Asus2
       If I get lonely,               the sound of other voices,
Dm                   Am/C          E7sus4/B        E7
    Other rooms are near to me, I'm  not afraid!

Asus2             (Asus2/E) Asus2                          (Dsus2/A)  Dsus2
      The operator,             she tells the time, it's good for   a laugh,
(Dsus2/C) Asus2                      (Asus2/E) Asus2
                There's always radio,
And for a dime I can talk to God,
Am/C           E7sus4/B           Am           E7sus4           E7
Dial a prayer!    Are you there?  Do you care?   Are you there?

A            (Asus4)(A) (Asus2)(A)   D              C#m
   And in the win - ter   ex - tra blankets for the cold,
          Bm7            A        G/A
Fix the heater, getting old, I am wiser now, you know,
             E7sus4              E7
And still as bigger fool con - cerning you!

Asus2                   (Asus2/E) Asus2                         (Dsus2/A)Dsus2
       I met your friend,               she's very nice, what can  I---   say,
(Dsus2/C) Asus2                     (Asus2/E) Asus2
                 It was an accident, 
I never dreamed we'd meet a - gain this way,
        Am/C             E7sus4        E7
You're looking well!  I'm not afraid!

Asus2                       (Asus2/E) Asus2                       (Dsus2/A) Dsus2
      You have a lovely home,              just like a picture! No,   I---- live alone!
(Dsus2/C) Asus2                    (Asus2/E)  Asus2
                  I found it easier!
                         Dm             Am/C
You must remember how I never liked the party life,
E7sus4/B            Am             E7sus4          E7
    Up all night! Lovely wife!  You have a lovely wife!

A            (Asus4)(A) (Asus2)(A)   D              C#m
   And in the win - ter   ex - tra blankets for the cold,
         Bm7             A           G/A
Fix the heater, getting old, you are with her now, I know,
              E7sus4        E7            A
I'll live a - lone forever, not together now----!

A/G            D/F#        Dm/F       A/E
Oo---,oo - oo!  Oo-------! Oo------!  Oo-----!


Chords are relative to capo, emphasis bass notes:

(Asus2/E) =  0xxxxx     E7sus4/B  = x20200     C#m   = x46654
Asus2     =  x02200     E7        = 020100     Bm7   = x24232
(Dsus2/A) =  x0xxxx     E7sus4    = 020200     G/A   = x00003
Dsus2     =  xx0230     Am        = x02210     A/G   = 302220
(Dsus2/C) =  x3xxxx     A         = x02220     D/F#  = 20023x
Dm        =  xx0231    (Asus4)    = x02230     Dm/F  = 10023x
Am/C      =  x32210                            A/E   = 002220
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