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James Taylor - T-Bone Chords

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T-Bone Chords

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James Taylor
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                [Verse 1]
N.C.                 Bbadd9
Me and T-Bone on the road to town
                           Fadd9          C
It's like I'm walking with a talking machine
Fadd9                            Bb/C Cadd9
    Just as soon as he thinks of something else
                 Bbadd9 Bb/F  Fadd9
He won't wait to interrupt    himself
[Verse 2]
Must be something that he can't quite say
He just doesn't want to leave it that  way
            Bb    Gm7       C
Although he may not know it yet
Fadd9            Bbadd9
Unless I miss my bet
          Gm7          C7
He's just trying to forget
                    Eb/F  Fadd9  Eb/F  Fadd9 Bb6  Gm7/C  Fadd9
What his heart remembers
[Verse 3]
I see that T-Bone got an automobile
               Fadd9          C
Low-loping and open to the sky
Fadd9                 Bb/C Cadd9
     All night behind the hurricane wheel
       Bbadd9  Bb/F  Fadd9
Riding in the eye
[Verse 4]
All day underneath the hood
Mondo Bondo, plastic, wood
           Bb     Gm7       C
He needs a mile of masking tape
               Fadd9            Bbadd9
If he wants to keep his ship in shape
Gm7           C7
Someday to escape
What his heart remembers
Fadd9  Eb/F  Fadd9  Bb6                 Gm7/C  F5
             Oh yes, what his heart remembers
Fadd9  Eb/F  Fadd9  Bb6  Gm7/C  F5
Bbadd9  Fadd9  Bb  Gm7  C7 F C F C F C F C F Bb C Bb C F Bb C
[Verse 5]
N.C      Bbadd9
T-Bone's not alone, not alone
Looks like he gets a second chance
Fadd9             Bb/C Cadd9
It's Mamarama and Lumalamalu
                 Bbadd9 Bb/F Fadd9
Want to take him to   recovery dance
[Verse 6]
He's looking like he gets his meatsuit back
I guess he must have missed the crack attack
           Bb       Gm7     C
Still he's riding for a fall
                Fadd9        Bbadd9
'Cause it's written upon the wall
Gm7            C7
Now he must recall
                   Eb/F  Bb6   Gm7/C
What his heart remembers
F                Eb/F             Fadd9  Eb/F  Fadd9  Bb6  Gm7/C  F
What his heart remembers yeah now
Eb/F   Fadd9  Eb/F  Fadd9  Bb6  Gm7/C  F
Eb/F   Fadd9  Eb/F  Fadd9  Bb6  Gm7/C  F
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