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James Taylor - Angels Of Fenway Chords

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Angels Of Fenway Chords

(ver. 1)
James Taylor
Intro: G   G


G     C         D  G              C          D
86 summers gone by, Bambino put a hex on the Bean

Em                   A7             Em                    C         D         
 We were living on a tear and a sigh, in the shadow of the Bronx Machine

G                 C        D     G                       C     D
  Man, you could feel it smolder, the whole town had an attitude

Em                      A7                  Em                    C          D          
Then they get a little chip on the shoulder, say something that's downright rude

G   C           D      G                     C      D
Oh, damn them Yankees, outspending everybody two to one

Em                A7                 Em                  C   G     D
Picking up on the cream of the crop, stealing everyone's favorite son


D  A       E               Bm                   E      Am              C  D     
Angels of Fenway hear our prayers, we have been patient, we have been jacent


G               C      D    G          C       D
Grandmama was a Fenway fan, even after Grandad died

Em                   A7             Em          C            D
I still remember her holding my hand, taking me along for the ride

G               C   D  G                   C       D
She was born in 19  18, last year that the Red Sox won

Em                 A7            Em                   C             D
Back the when they sold the Babe, something that they never shoulda ever have done 


One more!

Bm              G     
Hey Nanna can I have another Coke? 

Bm               E             A   A             Gbm           
   Here come the hot dog ma-----n, look at that, his bat just broke

A                  Gbm
Gee, that's got to kill his hand

Bm                G           Bm                   E 
Riding out on the Green Line, watching the town go by

A                  Gbm         A               D
Nanna made another Red Sox fan, till the day I die


G                C     D    G                    C         D
That was back in sixty-five, doesn't seem like a long time ago

Em                A7         Em                 C        D 
Grandmama keeping hope alive, watch them win in double-o-four

G                   C         D  G              C      D  
Oh my God, it was beyond belief, down 3 needing 4 in a row

Em                A7                Em              C       D
Holding on by the skin of our teeth, like a hungry dog on a bone


D  A       E               Bm                   E      Am        C  D   
Angels of Fenway give them peace, they have been patient, Red Sox nation

Last Verse:

G               C         D      G           C             D
The whole world held it's breath, people got down on their knees

Em              A7            Em                    C       D
Waiting for the sudden death, praying to heaven for hell to freeze

G                      C        D   G                       C          D
Nanna watched from her hospital bed, she was there till the end of the race

Em                      A7                         Em                 C    D
I couldn't hear the last word she said but she was lying there with a smile on her face

G          C   D  Em              C    D
                    Just a little smile on her face

G          C   D  Em                  C    D            G
                    Doesn't seem like long time ago                 
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