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Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams Chords

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Infinite Dreams Chords

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Iron Maiden
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Em   C    D    C  D  x4 

[Verse 1]
Em7                C       D
 Infinite dreams I can't deny them
Em7                  C     D
 Infinity is hard to comprehend
Em7                      C     D
 I couldn't hear those screams even in my
Em7           C  D
wildest dreams

[Verse 2]
Em7                  C       D
 Suffocation, waking in a sweat
Em7              C      D
 Scared to fall asleep again in the case the
Em7              C  D
dream begins again

Em7  Em7  C    D    

[Verse 3]
Em7                 C        D
 Someone chasing, I cannot move
Em7                C         D
 Standing rigid, a nightmare statue
Em7                  C         D
 What a dream, where will it end and will
Em7      C  D
I transcend?

[Verse 4]
Em7                  C         D
 Restless sleep, the mind's in turmoil
Em7                   C      D
 One nightmare ends, another fertile
Em7                      C         D
 It's getting to me, so scared to sleep
Em7                     C      D
 But scared to wake now in too deep
(slow down)

Em               C                     D               D
Even though it's reached new heights I rather like the restless nights
   Em               C                      D                D
It makes me wonder, makes me think there's more to this I'm on the brink

     Gm              Eb                 F                 F
It's not the fear of what's beyond it's just that I might not respond
  Gm               Eb                  F               F
I have an interest almost, craving but would I like to get too far in

   Em             C              D               D
It can't be all coincidence, too many things are evident
    Em                C             D                  D
You tell me you're an unbeliever, a spiritualist, well me, I'm neither

    Gm                   Eb                F                   F
But wouldn't you like to know the truth of what's out there to have the proof
    Gm                  Eb                   F                F
And find out just which side you're on where would you end in heaven or in

Em   C    D    D    x4 

Em   C    D    D    x4 

Em   C    D    D    x4 

G5   G5   G5   B5   x2

Em   D    G    C D  Em   D    G    G    x2

G5   G5   G5   B5   x2

F    C    G    G    x3 
F    C    

Em   Em/C Em/D Em/B x2 

F#m                              D            E          F#m E
Help me, help me to find my true self without seeing the future.
F#m                               D         E         A
Save me, save me from torturing myself even within my dreams.

[Solo 1]
Em   Em   Em   G    x4 

[Solo 2]
F#m  F#m  F#m  B5   x4 

Em   Em/C Em/D Em/B C D 
Em   Em/C Em/D 
B    C  D 

        Em             C               D               D        
There's got to be just more to it than this or tell me why do we 
  Em               C                 D             D
exist. I'd like to think that when I die I'd get a chance another 

 Gm             Eb             F          F
time. And to return and live again reincarnate, play the 
 Gm   Eb        F         F         Em
game again and again and again and again...            
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