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Information Society - Going Going Gone Ukulele

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Going Going Gone Ukulele

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Information Society
Going, Going, Gone
Information Society (insoc.org)


I nearly stopped listening to Information Society after the cr*p Kurt H pulled on Bands
Reunited. I don't care what excuses he had - Kurt Harland is a major a**hole for going
back on his word. Yeah,  reality shows are lame, but they had a chance to do one last
show after all this time! The bottom line is that he agreed to do the show and backed
out - it's clear that his priorities lie outside of fans and friends.  I can't begin to
describe how let down I was by his reversal, as that was most certainly the last chance
Information Society ever had at any kind of reunion.  

Anyways, I finally realized that the music of Information Society was the result of a
group effort, and despite the fact that Harland is a total chump,  other people (namely
the very talented Paul Robb) made the band what it was (and still is to many of us.)

Adjust the key to your liking but this is the progression.

Sometimes looking back I can't
G                A
Believe how many times I left her.
D                            G
I guess it's all part of the game
That we play.

All is fair in love and war,
G                        A
But in this case they're quite the same thing.
D                          G
What's the difference if I go
Or if I stay?

I tried to tell her
G                  A
I was not the only one to turn to,
Bm                            G
But she was indifferent to my pleas.
And now she's
A             D           G
Going, going, gone.
    A             D       G
And I did nothing wrong.
          A             D        G   A
But she's going, going, gone.

If I disappeared tonight,
   G                    A
It would not change her mind about me.
D                                  G
She's in love with someone who has changed
Since that day.

She tried to tell me
      G            A
I was not the only one to turn to,
Bm                         G
But I won't get down on my knees.
So she's
A             D           G
Going, going, gone.
    A             D       G
And I did nothing wrong.
          A             D
But she's going, going, gone. 
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