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Idol Billy - Rebel Yell Tabs

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Rebel Yell Tabs

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Idol Billy
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                Lines: 100

	Does anyone have any Tab's for Bill Idol??? If so please
post em'

Here ya go !

Rebel Yell - Billy Idol


a.h = artificial harmonic
fbk = feedback + wangbar
 Z\ = pick slide

E +-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--+--10-10-10-10-10-10------+--------------------
B |-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--|--10-10-10-10-10-10------|--------------------
G |--------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------
D |-------------------7--9---|-------------------------|--------------------
A |----------9---------------|-----------9-------------|-------------5-5~---
E +-7------------------------+--7------------------0-2-+-3-3-3-3-3-3--------

   Play x 3                                            |<--- play twice  
                                a.h          1st time  2nd time
E ------------------------------------------+--------+----------(fbk)------
B ------------------------------------------|--------|----------(fbk)------
G ------------4--4--------------------------|---4--4-|--7-------(fbk)------
D ------------2--2--------------------------|---2--2-|--7--7--9--------Z\--
A -----------------------------5-5~---------|--------|--5--7--9--------Z\--
E -2-2-2-2-2-------0-0-0-0-0-0------0-0-0-0-+-0------+-----5--7------------

    (Bm)                (Dmaj)               (D or G???)        (E???)
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------
B --7---7-----7------|---7---7-----7------|--7---7-----7------|--7--7--
G --7---7-----7------|---7---7-----7------|--7---7-----7------|--7--7--
D ----9---9-9---9-9--|-----7---7-7---7-7--|----5---5-5---5-5--|--5--5--
A -------------------|--------------------|-------------------|--7--7--
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------
     (play x 4)          (play x 2)           (play once)
                     .                    .
  Last night a       . Last night a       . pumping on the    .  floor 
  little angel came  . little dancer came .  
  dancing to my door .                    .


    D5   A5    B5             Bmin
E ----------------------------7---7--------------------------7---7----------
B --------------------x--x-x--7---7------------------x--x-x--7---7----------
G --7-7---------------x--x-x--7---7------------------x--x-x--7---7----------
D --7-7--7-7---9--9---x--x-x------------------9--9---x--x-x-----------------
A --5-5--7-7---9--9---------------------------9--9--------------------------
E -------5-5---7--7------------------5-7-5----7--7-------------------5-7-5--

    Because...  In the midnight hour she cried "more more more."
E -------------------------------------------------
B --7---x--x-x--7-----------7--7---x--x-x----7--7--
G --7---x--x-x--7-----------7--7---x--x-x----7--7--  (play again)
D --7---x--x-x--7-----------5--5---x--x-x----5--5--
A -------------------------------------------7--7--
E ------------------5-7-5--------------------------

      With a rebel yell, she cried "more more more." 

The rest just re-hashes these parts.



Intro -  It's best to play this one without a plectrum.  For the left 
         hand use your pinky on the high E, and the third finger on the B.
         Barre the 7th fret with your first finger, using your second finger
         to play the arpeggio.

         For the right hand I use my thumb to pick the arpeggio notes, 
         and my first and second fingers to play the constant double-note


I may transcribe the solo in a few days, but don't hold your breath.
I'll also tab Flesh For Fantasy if anyone wants it.

Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman)
----------------------------    NOTE:  Stay tuned for
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        Rebel Yell lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Rebel Yell lessons
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