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American English Chords - Idlewild

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American English Chords

(ver. 1)
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                This version is very simple to play, for those of us that are just learning, but its
sounds great.  Its in the same key as the acoustic version you can download off of



Capo on Fret 4

Verse 1

 G                                   Em
Songs when they're true, are all dedicated to you
In this invisible world I choose to live in
 G                                  Em
And if you believe that for now I understand
Why words mean so much to you
They'll never be about you

Verse 2
Maybe you're young without youth
             Em                              C
Maybe you're old without, knowing anything's true
I think you're young without youth....

Pre Chorus  - drums begin, riff stops.

 D                       C
Then you contract the American dream
      Em         D
You never look up once
DV                  C
You've contracted American dreams
Em                D           (slide up to G)
I require you to stop and look up.


G      D          Em
Sing a song about myself
               C           G
Keep singing a song about myself
           D       Em       C
Not some invisible world

Verse 3 - same chords as above

Constantly searching to find something new
But what will you find when you think that nothing's true?
Maybe it's that nothing is new

Verse 4

So you let me hear songs that were written all about you
Because songs weren't written for you
They'll never be about you

(Pre Chorus)

(Chorus x 2)

Middle Part

D                          C                  Em        D
And I won't tell you what this means, cause you already know
And I won't tell you what this means, cause you already know...

Sooo, Sing a song about myself
Keep singing a song about myself
Not some invisible world

G         D                   Em          C
You came along and found the weak spot - that you've always wanted
G        D              Em          C
Let yourself be everything that you’ve always wanted             
(While this is sung - the chorus is sung)
G                 D      Em                 C
It doesn’t have to be so silent - that you've always wanted
G           D           Em            C
No need for explanations - that you've always wanted


   G     D             Em             C
You'll find, what you find when you find there’s nothing (x 2)

End on A G
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